8 – 11 Weeks

*Due to “morning” sickness (which really lasted all day and was worse in the evenings), we were not able to get pictures. While we were disappointed in week after week having to skip the weekly pic, I truly didn’t want to document the green face, lost weight, weakness, dizziness, and lack of makeup which marked Weeks 8-11.

In addition, I was not good about my pregnancy journal at this time, mainly because I would get home from work and fall into bed at 3 PM, never to be heard of until 6 AM the following day. Because of this, I will only list the size of the babies during these weeks.*


8 Weeks

Peanuts’ Sizes: Raspberry

9 Weeks

Peanuts’ Sizes: Green olive/grape

10 Weeks

Peanuts’ Sizes: Prune/kumquat

In this picture, we have Baby A, who is the lower one in the uterus. On the left of the ultrasound is the head. The dark spot in the middle is brain (I think). THen, you can see the body. The black spot in the middle of the body is the stomach.

Ultrasound - 10w1 Baby A Low


This is Baby B, who is higher and a little to the left. The head is to the right, and you can see the profile of the face. The forehead is really big (takes after both Mom and Dad on this one), and then you can make out the nose and mouth too. You can also see the round body and one of the legs which looks like its floating off on the left of the image. I also think that Baby B is sucking their thumb, because of the dot (hand?) near the mouth.

Ultrasound - 10w1 Baby B Left

11 Weeks

Peanuts’ Sizes: Lime