36 – 37 Weeks

36 Weeks

36 Weeks Pregnant - DoyleDispatch.com36 Weeks Pregnant - DoyleDispatch.com

Physical Symptoms: Sore hips, sore back, sore pelvis, sore shoulders, trouble sleeping, breathing heavy, constant pregnancy waddle, painful contractions (still only 1 an hour), babies pushing down, extreme bursts of energy and extreme exhaustion

Emotions: Ready to meet our babies, strong maternal feelings, wanting the babies to “room-in” with us at the hospital (a change of mind), tired of waiting, strong mood swings

Cravings: Water, water, water! Birthday cake (It’s my birthday week!)

Food Aversions: Lemon drop cupcakes

Pregnancy Milestones: Full-term for twins! Measurement scan: Baby Girl A weighs 6lb 11oz, Baby Boy B weighs 5lb 7oz (weights can be 1 lb off), both babies have heads very low, trying to induce labor

Purchases for Peanut: None

Peanuts’ Sizes: Honeydew

37 Weeks


Physical Symptoms:



Food Aversions:

Pregnancy Milestones:

Purchases for Peanut:

Peanuts’ Sizes: