28 – 31 Weeks

28 Weeks

Physical Symptoms: Difficulty moving around without waddling, itchy belly, feeling kicks from the outside, stretched belly, more painful/uncomfortable Braxton Hicks, Baby Girl (A) weighing at 2lb 14 oz and breached, Baby Boy (B) weighing at 2 lb 11 oz and transverse

Emotions: Starting to feel excited/anxious about bringing home babies

Cravings: Cheeseburgers with pickles, chocolate donuts

Food Aversions: fish

Pregnancy Milestones: Hospital tour, breastfeeding class (so worth it!), first baby shower on Friday, stomach measured 35 weeks for single pregnancy at OB appointment

Purchases for Peanut: Nursery items checked off the list

Peanuts’ Sizes: Eggplants


29 Weeks

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Physical Symptoms: Problems bending over, achy body all over, extreme exhaustion in the afternoons, BH contractions controlled with water, but still highly uncomfortable

Emotions: Still very positive, slight bits of worry about the babies and their health

Cravings: Same as always (cheeseburgers and green apples)

Food Aversions: Strong smells

Pregnancy Milestones: First childbirth class at the hospital

Purchases for Peanut: Finishing up the nursery

Peanuts’ Sizes: Acorn squash


30 Weeks

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Physical Symptoms: Exhaustion, sore muscles, tiny bladder, can’t bend over at all

Emotions: Overwhelmed with emotions at times, urge to start nesting

Cravings: Cheeseburgers, donuts

Food Aversions: Fish, avocado

Pregnancy Milestones: Maternity pictures, Baby Girl A has flipped to head down! Perinatal appointment successful (strong heartbeats, Baby Boy B hiccups, no dilation or effacement, no restrictions), stomach measuring at 37 weeks, passed 1-hour gestational diabetes test

Purchases for Peanut: Nursing bras and tanks, packed the hospital and labor bags

Peanuts’ Sizes: Cucumbers


31 Weeks

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Physical Symptoms: Difficulty moving around, nasal cold, trouble sleeping, bellybutton moving again, extremely strong Baby Boy kicks

Emotions: excitement over upcoming births

Cravings: green apples, pomegranates, Italian, chocolate

Food Aversions: foods with avocado

Pregnancy Milestones: family/friends shower and family get-together

Purchases for Peanut: swaddle blankets and swaddle sacs

Peanuts’ Sizes: pineapples