16 – 19 Weeks

Doyle Dispatch - Twin Gender Reveal

16 Weeks

16 Weeks Pregnant


Baby Girl A’s profile:



Ultrasound - 16w2 Baby A Profile (Hand to Forehead)


Baby Boy B’s profile:Ultrasound - 16w2 Baby B Profile

Physical Symptoms: Heart beating faster for about 5-10 minutes, quickening in the stomach, slight dizziness (1 time), intense stretching along the side of the belly button, cramps/jabs, some punches in the bladder, crashing from exhaustion at night

Emotions: Highly emotional (intense highs and lows)

Cravings: Green apples, crispy chicken sandwiches, smell of red wine, gummy fruit snacks

Food Aversions: Highly fishy smells

Pregnancy Milestones: It’s a boy and a girl!

Purchases for Peanut: Whale (boy) and Seahorse (girl) stroller blankets, nautical long-sleeved “onesie-style” shirts, fetal heartbeat doppler, 2 maternity tops, compression stockings for road trip

Peanuts’ Sizes: Avocados


17 Weeks


Physical Symptoms: Racing heart for short periods of time, pulling along upper stomach, Baby Girl A hitting the bladder

Emotions: Ups and downs (tempered emotions)

Cravings: Green apples, plums, french fries, Sonic grilled cheese

Food Aversions: Tried eating Chinese food and didn’t like it

Pregnancy Milestones: Jabs in the stomach (distinct and ability to tell which twin is kicking)

Purchases for Peanut: Nothing new

Peanuts’ Sizes: Onions

18 Weeks

 18 Weeks Pregnant - Doyle Dispatch

Physical Symptoms: Racing heart for short periods of time, spider veins appearing on legs, sore back, sleepless nights

Emotions: Mostly good mood, some emotional outbursts

Cravings: Cheeseburgers, french fries, green apples, sweets, crispy chicken sandwiches

Food Aversions: None

Pregnancy Milestones: First tummy rubs by others, recognized as being pregnant by a stranger

Purchases for Peanut: Maternity clothes from Target, paint samples, fabric samples, dresser/changing table

Peanuts’ Sizes: Sweet potatoes

19 Weeks


Physical Symptoms: Sleepless nights, bellybutton slowly disappearing

Emotions: Tired, happy, anxious (for the next ultrasound)

Cravings: Cheeseburgers with pickles and French fries

Food Aversions: None

Pregnancy Milestones: Feeling kicking when hearing it on the doppler, Braxton Hicks contractions every day

Purchases for Peanut: Bibs from Tim’s work, cribs, glider, ottoman, pink/blue hangers for closet, wedge pillow, back bolster

Peanuts’ Sizes: Mangoes