12 – 15 Weeks

12 Weeks

Baby A has the forehead to the left, and you can see the nose and chin. There is a round belly and kicking feet. You can also see the spinal cord running down the back.
Ultrasound - 12w3 Baby A Profile






In Baby B’s profile, you can really see the forehead, nose, and mouth. I love that you can also see the jaw very clearly. The tummy, one hand, and the feet are also in this picture.

Ultrasound - 12w3 Baby B Profile

Physical Symptoms: Exhaustion (although nowhere near where it was), nausea in the evenings (no more vomiting, however)

Emotions: Hopeful, happier than in the past month

Cravings: Grilled cheese sandwiches, brick oven pizza (hot or cold), apples (especially Granny Smith), fruit, fresh lemon smell, peaches

Food Aversions: Pasta (due to a probably episode of food poisoning), meat

Pregnancy Milestones: Starting to feel like I may get over the “morning” sickness

Purchases for Peanut: None

Peanuts’ Sizes: Plums

13 Weeks


Pregnancy Week 13 - Doyle Dispatch

Physical Symptoms: Lack of sleep, happiness, little exhaustion despite little sleep

Emotions: Peacefulness, teary, giggly

Cravings: Brick oven pizza (hot or cold), apples, fruit, fresh lemon smell, lime in water, sweets, Foods of All Nations California Sushi Rolls

Food Aversions: Meat, but the idea of food starts to sound more appetizing

Pregnancy Milestones: Last week of school, official start of the 2nd trimester

Purchases for Peanut: None

Peanuts’ Sizes: Peaches

14 Weeks

Pregnancy or Pizza 14 Weeks

This is a rare picture of both babies in the same image. Baby A is facing up (look at the lower right hand corder to see A), and Baby B is face down in the upper/middle left side (look for the backbone and rib cage).

Ultrasound - 14w4 Baby A and B


This is Baby A’s profile in a very dramatic pose (hand up to the forehead in a fainting way):


Ultrasound - 14w4 Baby A Profile Hand to Forehead


A close up of Baby A’s bent arm and hand:Ultrasound - 14w4 Baby A Arm


This is something that I’m sure is Baby A’s foot, but Tim is convinced it is Baby A’s hand:Ultrasound - 14w4 Baby A Hand-Foot?


This is Baby B’s profile (head is to the right), sucking his thumb:Ultrasound - 14w4 Baby B Profile

A closeup of Baby B’s hand (right) and the top of his head (left):
Ultrasound - 14w4 Baby B Hand


Baby B’s top view with the head and some hands/feet spread out:Ultrasound - 14w4 Baby B Hands and Top of HeadA split screen of Baby A (left) face up and Baby B (right) face down. He had somersaulted into the face-down position by the end of this ultrasound visit.
Ultrasound - 14w4 Both in Split Screen


A side-by-side view of both Baby A (right) and Baby B (left). I love the differences in their profiles. I think Baby A reminds me of baby pictures of Tim and Baby B reminds me of baby pictures of me.Ultrasound - 14w4 Both Profile in Split Screen

Physical Symptoms: Flutters, a few jabs by Baby B

Emotions: Feeling like Superwoman, extreme energy

Cravings: Cold pizza, lasagna, green apples, peaches, fruit snacks (candy), Swiss Cake Rolls, chocolate cake/donuts, french fries, Sonic slushes (Lemonberry), Sonic grilled cheese

Food Aversions: Fewer… I can actually stand in my kitchen now!

Pregnancy Milestones: 14 Week Ultrasound where we could see fingers, toes, arms, chambers of the heart, brains, sucking thumbs, waves, etc., registering!

Purchases for Peanut: None

Peanuts’ Sizes: Lemons (it must be an organic lemon, because otherwise there is no way a lemon is bigger than a peach)

15 Weeks

Physical Symptoms: More energy, fluttering, racing heartbeat when resting (towards the end of the week), funny aftertaste constantly in mouth

Emotions: Superwoman-feeling continues

Cravings: Pizza, green apples, fruit snacks, Boston cream pie, french fries

Food Aversions: Strong smells (totally random… I never knew when they were coming), avocado

Pregnancy Milestones: Getting out for my first walk

Purchases for Peanut: My new MacBook Air (THANK YOU, TIM!) for portable documentation of the Peanuts

Peanuts’ Sizes: Naval oranges