Meet the Doyles

We are Tim and Dory Doyle, and we are behind The Doyle Dispatch.

 Tybee Island T and D

My husband and I have recently celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary (and 10th dating anniversary), and we are about to welcome our first babies (twins!) into the world this winter. I started the blog as a way to document our married life together, and what a wonderful journey it has been so far! We started as high school sweethearts, going to senior prom together. We then endured one year of a long-distance relationship while we were in different colleges before I transferred to Virginia Tech. Go Hokies! Throughout it all, we stayed together through good times and bad. We have faced our share of challenges from family deaths to illnesses and tragedies, but our relationship has grown stronger because of it.

I first became a blogger in January 2009, when I started a blog to document my DIY wedding (the blog is if you are curious), and I loved it! My wedding goal was to get my dream wedding on a budget, and I was able to achieve it! My parents gave me a set amount for our wedding, and I was responsible for managing every penny into making it my dream day. With the Bridesaver blog as a guide, I found success with my tutorials and themed posts, and I loved the freedom that being a blog writer could give. Of course, blogging was just my hobby, as I was also studying for my master’s degree to be an elementary school teacher. (By the way, I did have my dream country club wedding on a budget that was less than a typical non-country club wedding for the area. I had a top-notch photographer, dream bride and groom’s cake, the Hokie Bird as a guest, and a world-traveled band that has played for Presidents… all on a budget, thanks to DIYing.)

I started teaching in 2009 after getting married, and I left my wedding blog and started Doyle Dispatch. As I continued with my teaching career, I continued blogging, documenting the events of a newly-married 20-something couple. In the summers, I would focus on my DIY projects, and the blog developed. Tim has even written some posts about our goals and successes with getting out of debt and living like no one else. (Thank you Dave Ramsey!) A little DIY, a little documenting, and lots of describing… we can be wordy. With my current pregnancy with twins, I am taking a year off of teaching to focus on bringing my healthy babies into the world. My blog still has the focus on our lives, but I am also taking advantage of my platform to help other Mothers (to be) of Multiples in navigating the differences between our pregnancies and those of singleton moms.

Along with documenting our life, our travels, our financial goals (and staying debt-free), and my twin pregnancy, the blog has also turned into a great place for me to document all of my DIY projects (along with many tutorials). I’m not picky with my projects, as I love them all! I recently started selling some of my personalized work, and that has become a fun side business for me (

So welcome to our little space on the web! We will hopefully keep you entertained with some easy reading and interesting content! I can’t wait to meet some of you!