The TLC VoxBox

I have received one other VoxBox in the past, and I was a little underwhelmed with the contents inside, so I took a little break from the program. I still periodically get emails from Influenster, and when I received one that was geared specifically to moms, I knew I had to apply. I am so happy that I did! I got a box that was so full of amazing goodies!


So what was included?

1. Neosporin Neo To Go! (Retails for $4.97-$7.50)

This is the perfect item to keep in your purse or diaper bag in case of a boo boo. With two soon-to-be-mobile children, I’m sure we will use this plenty! It’s great to have something quick and easy to grab and then protect our kiddos from infection, pain, and stings.

2. Breyers Gelato Indulgences Gift Certificate (Retails for $4.49-$5.99)
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With the flavors Vanilla Caramel, Raspberry Cheesecake, Tiramisu, and Triple Chocolate, it is near impossible to choose which one to try. Since I can’t eat too much dairy, I let Tim decide, and he picked out Triple Chocolate. I tried a little bit, and it was outstanding! I’m not sure we would get it all the time, but it was a wonderful special treat!

3. Ivory Bar Soap (Retails for $3.99 for a 10-pack)
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As part of our effort to live a clean life with simpler ingredients, I love that a bar of Ivory soap was included. This bar of soap has just basic ingredients, and it can be used for so much! In fact, I found this list put out by Procter & Gamble with tons of uses of Ivory soap. Plus, if you do a search on Pinterest, you will come up with about a thousand and a half more ideas.

4. AVON Anew Reversalist Express Wrinkle Smoother (Retails for $30)
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This is an item that is a great go-to item for moms that don’t have time to put on a full face of makeup (like me). You just slide open the compact, dip your finger in, and pat the wrinkle smoother on your fine lines. To be totally honest, I cannot say how well it works, as I don’t have too many fine lines yet (now gray hairs… that’s another story), but I did it on some of my smile lines, and it was hard to tell the difference. I have read some reviews where people swear by this, though, so that’s something! I will attest to the fact that it is so smooth and soft on your skin, and it doesn’t look dry or caky the way that some cover-ups or makeup can appear on the face.

5. Puffs To Go (Retails for $.49 for a single pack)
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After just having gotten over a cold-turned-sinus-infection, I will say that I have never needed soft, lotion-filled tissues as much as this spring. I used box after box, but when I was on-the-go, I was out of luck! I could never find soft tissues in a to-go size. I’m so glad I have this now! I can just throw it in my purse, and I have 10 tissues that won’t wreck my nose with constant irritation.

6. Shell Fuel Rewards Network Card
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I am not someone who is picky about where I get my gas. I basically look for the cheapest price. I’m intrigued by this free fuel rewards card, and I wonder if it will actually help us save money. There are also ways to save on gas when you shop at different online stores and eat out. The only problem is that I wonder if I will remember to use this card when I’m out and about. Still, it was very easy to set up, and free is free! Plus, it’s not a credit card.