AHOYS Clothing Shop Review


I wanted to post a little shout out to a great shop that creates adorable items for your little ones: A Heart On Your Sleeve. (AHOYS) Now, in full disclaimer, this is run by my cousin Jessie, but having been in the hand-made business myself, I am definitely very picky about how things are made and stand up with the needs of mamas and toddlers.

First of all, I love the adorable styles that AHOYS features: everything from vintage touches to whimsical designs and classic elements.  So many cute designs with more to come!
AHOYS Etsy Shop

Second, as I said before, the onesie was well made. It was a great quality onesie (so soft!!!) that was true to size, and the vinyl was not going anywhere. I was everything before the kids wear it, and I just turned the onesies inside-out, ran them through, and everything stayed put! I’ve talked to Jessie about her process, and she went through a lot of testing before she felt comfortable enough to start selling her gear. Not everyone does that amount of work beforehand!

In addition, they now carry American Apparel gear as well. I’m so excited for this!

And look at how cute these onesies are!!!

AHOY Clothing Virginia Shirts David

AHOY Clothing Virginia Shirts Twins

AHOY Clothing Virginia Shirts  Audrey

You can check out AHOYS Clothing on Etsy and Instagram. Do yourself a favor and get something great for your little one!

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