Things I Wouldn’t Do With a Singleton

Things I Wouldn't Do with a Singleton

No matter what your fertility history, when the doctor tells you that you are pregnant with multiples, you are shocked. Your dream of having one baby (along with all of the things you will do with that one baby) are turned upside down. Please remember, I absolutely LOVE being a Mom of Multiples. That being said, all of your expectations and thoughts of parenthood suddenly become totally different.

In one of my MOM Facebook groups recently, someone asked the group, “What are some thing that you wouldn’t dream of doing with a singleton?” It made me think and want to come up with my own list:

  • Use the word “singleton”
  • Leave a baby in the car alone (there is no way around this, but thank goodness for remote start cars)
  • Cry It Out and other sleep training methods
  • Lick a pacifier from the ground (in our house only) and then give it back to the baby
  • Let the babies go for a week with wipe-baths only
  • Depend on the stroller to go anywhere in public (no carts or just carrying babies)
  • Carry two almost-toddlers down the stairs in our house at the same time (only on my most brave and their least wiggly days)
  • Use the car’s DVD system to keep them happy/awake/quiet


So mamas… I want to hear what you would add to this list!

Adventures in Cloth Diapering: A Beginning

Adventures in Cloth Diapering- A

Before I got pregnant with our twins, I dreamed of cloth diapering. But I didn’t want to clean the poop. There is a service here in our area that will pick up and clean your soiled prefold diapers so you don’t have to worry about it. That seemed perfect for us!

Then when I found out we were having twins, I quickly put aside the dream of cloth because I understood that I would have a lot on our plate to get used to two babies at once instead of just a singleton. That’s ok! I was being totally realistic.

And then I fell in love with Young Living essential oils. It was my second step into crunchy-dom, as I was already making the majority of the twins’ baby food at that point (about 6-8 months old at that time). I loved being able to have a more natural and chemical-free environment in our house. I became even crunchier when I turned the love of EOs into my One Breath at a Thyme business.

Then, a few days ago, my cloth dreams resurfaced when I was talking to an online group of mommies about their babies and the metallic smell of their child’s wet disposable diapers. Someone spoke about that probably being the chemicals from the diaper reacting to the urine. I realized very quickly that I knew that smell all too well. Ew. That was not what I wanted for my family.

But our babies are 15 months old. Who knows how much longer they will be in diapers! 4 months? 2 years? I couldn’t go out and buy all new diapers for them! So instead, I decided that we would work with what we have already and purchase the bare minimum.

We have about 60 prefold diapers that we used as burp cloths when the babies were younger. 30 each. That will do to start! Then I just needed to get covers. I went to a local cloth diaper and all-things natural store called Franklin Goose (Shout out FG! Love you guys!) and got a quick tutorial. With 3 covers (1 main one for each child + 1 extra) and 2 Snappi fasteners, I was ready to start!


We had some fun last night (the night before the adventure started) with “pretending” to wear our cloth diapers. Hopefully you saw our silliness on Instagram!





And then, today the Adventures in Cloth Diapering began!

IMG_1093  IMG_1094  IMG_1097

I promise we will update as we get the hang of what we are doing with the wipes and the prefolds and get more experience! For now, I’m sure I’m doing a hundred things wrong, so I’d rather wait until I get a better feel of it.

Do you have any advice for us as we tackle this new adventure?

1 Year Old!

We all made it to a year!!! We had the most amazing year full of challenges, laughs, milestones, and love.

12 Months Old



Things We Love About Audrey:

Audrey 12 Months Old

  • the way she throws her head back to laugh
  • the new “words” she learns to use daily (mama, dada, bye bye, ditkwa ditkwa, va va)
  • the way she waves by opening/closing her hands
  • her copy-cat motions, especially when we want her to come to us
  • how proud she is when she stands on her own
  • how fast she learns new tricks

Things We Love About David:

David 12 Months Old

  • his new-found cuddly nature (it’s back!)
  • his obsession with books
  • his favorite words (up, pop)
  • the speed in which he crawls
  • how he loves to instigate chase/hiding games with Audrey
  • his “secret” hiding spots throughout the playroom
  • his goat laugh
  • his fake goat cry
  • his belly laugh

It’s a Twin Thing

We took this video of Audrey and David when we were at our hotel in Savannah, GA, on a recent trip. Audrey was trying to “pants” David (in between lots of hugs), and David thought it was the funniest thing. I love my babies!

Love and Marriage (and Parenting Twins)

Love and Marriage and Parenting Twins


Happy Valentine’s Day! While this is our 11th February 14 together, it is our first as parents. So we can expect the next few years to be filled with sticky pink and red cards and footprint heart cards. We can’t wait!

We’ve never been big Valentine’s Day people. We would go to Red Robin for dinner (surrounded by kids when we didn’t have them yet? yes, we were weird) and enjoy a no-wait/non-expensive dinner out. Last year to honor Valentine’s Day, we didn’t really feel like our normal spot of being surrounded by kids (we wanted our own and weren’t having any luck), so we did some special things on the blog instead.

This year, I want to reflect on how we can focus on our marriage and raising twins. It’s not easy, but if anyone can make this work, we can. First of all (I’m a little biased), we have one of the strongest relationships I can imagine. The statistics for couples raising multiples isn’t encouraging, however, so we have to always keep an eye on our relationship-meter. Here are some things that we’ve done to focus on each other, as well as our babies during these first few months:

1. Communicate: Of course this is #1 on the list (as it should be). You have to talk to each other daily to make sure the other has a handle on the new adventure that you have started.

2. Apologize: Tim and I are both really stubborn and don’t like to give in. Still, I have swallowed my pride many times and apologized, even when I felt like I didn’t need to. You see, I just didn’t have the energy to be stubborn. And you know what? It felt good to let it go! So while I am still stubborn as an ox, I am a lot faster at giving in.

3. Laugh at the Crazy: Oh, is there a lot of Crazy up in this hiz-ouse (house). From imagining that I was breastfeeding the babies in the middle of the night while both were safe in bed to Tim talking in his sleep about his job to us waking (nightly) to think there were babies in the bed with us, we are 110% crazy. You have to laugh at it or it will get soooooooo much worse.

4. Accept the Crazy: Tim learned this lesson early on. I would have horrible mood swings during my 2nd trimester. If he just let me be an emotional wreck, I got over it in 5 minutes, and I was the most pleasant person on earth. Try to interfere, and you might need to fish an icepick out of your skull. Once you give in to the craziness both before and after baby, you will fare so much better!

5. Name Calling: Not mean name-calling, but loving names… towards your children. Now, before you think me an awful mommy and Tim an awful daddy, remember #3. Humor! We have called our babies some names (my personal favorites are Prince and Princess Poopy Pants), but we do it lovingly. An all-time best moment was when Tim just finished changing Aud’s diaper and she managed to poop again. And then he changed her. And she did it again. He called her a word that we will not use when she gets older and can repeat words. I just laughed and laughed.

6. Talk about Poop: Speaking of Princess Poopy Pants, be okay with talking about poop- specifically the color and consistency of poop. Also, be okay with talking about your own bathroom habits and post-birth issues and types of spit-ups. Nothing is off the table. Speaking of table… you will be talking about these at every meal. Get used to it. If you will be embarrassed, don’t go out in public. You will talk about poop at a fancy restaurant. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

7. Take Time Away: You both have to be able to get away, both together and separately. Whether it is for a long, hot shower, an hour, or a night, you must get away. Do it sooner rather than later. You will appreciate each other and your babies so much more that way!

8. Call a Self Time Out: Be self-reflective, and know when to step away and ask for help. This goes back with communication. After almost 11 years together, Tim and I have gotten good at reading each other. I can tell when he needs relief, and vice versa. Whether we are able to admit it or not, the more sane one will force the other one to take a breather. 2 minutes of being “mean” and forcing the other parent away will save you from a huge meltdown or blowup later.

 9. Say “I Love You,” and Say it Often: There will be times when you can’t think straight, you are mad about something (probably inconsequential but which will seem really big at the time), and plus you have spit-up in your hair/on your shirt/inside your socks, but still make sure to tell each other that you still love them. Even if you don’t quite feel the love at that moment… say it. Remember why you started on this crazy journey in the first place.

Thursday Thoughts with Doyle Dispatch

My Grandest Adventure Review and Giveaway






*This giveaway is now over. Congratulations, Randi S. for being our winner!*

My Grandest Adventure Review and Giveaway-


*I received the prints below in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

I am so excited to share some amazing art with you (plus a giveaway and a coupon code). I am even more excited that it is a part of our nursery!!!

About 4 months ago, in my Pinteresting (that’s a word, isn’t it?), I came across this adorable print of a girl’s sailor outfit.

My Grandest Adventure Review and Giveaway-

It was so absolutely adorable that I pinned it right away to my Nautical Nursery board. I then forgot about it briefly as I worked on the big items in the nursery.

Then, about two months ago, I was looking back through my pins, and I came across it again. I re-fell in love! I went to the Etsy shop of the artist, and I looked at all of the work by the artist. My jaw was literally on the ground with a puddle of drool all around it (good mental picture, eh?).

That was how I got introduced to Amelia Murdock of My Grandest Adventure.

My Grandest Adventure Review and Giveaway-

When I contacted Amelia about the print (and the matching boy’s sailor outfit), she was so generous and offered to send me both prints for our nursery. I was floored! We were looking for something to hang over the cribs, and these would be perfect!

When they arrived, I was floored with how adorable they were!

First of all, the packaging was so cute! I love me some washi tape and a personalized note!

My Grandest Adventure Review -

My Grandest Adventure Review -

Then, when I opened it up, it was just as precious with more washi tape and notes. They are printed on the best paper and hand-signed on the back. I couldn’t ask for something more perfect!My Grandest Adventure Review -

I went to a craft store and found these really precious frames. They are wooden, but they are whitewashed to give it an antiqued look.

My Grandest Adventure Review - DoyleDispatch.comMy Grandest Adventure Review -


We haven’t hung them up on the wall yet, as we are waiting for the curtains to get here first. But can’t you see how they are going to match everything so well?

My Grandest Adventure Review - My Grandest Adventure Review -
I absolutely love them, and they are going to be perfect for us to see every time we look at that wall. Thank you, Amelia!

If you go to her website, My Grandest Adventure, you can see adorable prints that Amelia has done, as well as her beautiful fine art. She even has some free paper dolls available for you.

My Grandest Adventure Review and Giveaway- My Grandest Adventure Review and Giveaway-
My Grandest Adventure Review and Giveaway-

If you visit her Etsy page, there are even more adorable prints for purchase, such as this:

My Grandest Adventure Review and Giveaway-

Now, are you ready for the best part? Amelia is offering an 8×10 print to one lucky winner from her Etsy shop! In addition, any of the Doyle Dispatch readers can get use a coupon code for 15% off their purchase by entering DoyleDispatch10.

My Grandest Adventure Review and Giveaway-

To enter, you can use our easy Rafflecopter widget. You can until November 1 to enter!
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Peanuts’ Progress Page

Many friends and family have wanted to see The Bump and hear about the pregnancy so far. Now that the morning sickness is behind us and I am safely in the second trimester, I can actually enjoy the pregnancy and document, document, document!!!

Up at the top of the blog, you will notice that we have a wonderful header called “Peanuts’ Progress,” which is where we will be updating pictures and information about The Bump week after week (with the exception of the weeks where I was too sick to crawl out of bed to take a picture).

Because I’m excited about this new section, I just want to show you the change in just a few weeks:

Week 5 - The Doyle Dispatch

At 5 Weeks Pregnant… still feeling good and very little of The Bump

Pregnancy Week 13 - Doyle Dispatch

At 13 Weeks Pregnant… The Bump is here, and I’ve given up on straightening the hair.