My (Donated) Coupon Clutch Giveaway on Belly Blog

My dear friend Sarah (from A T-Shirt and Pearls) is expecting her first little one this summer, and she has been quite busy. Not only is she a rockin’ kindergarten teacher at our school, about to celebrate her 4th wedding anniversary (I know this because we got married on the same day!), a great blogger, a soon-to-be mother, and great cook, but she is also a Scentsy, Velata, and Grace Adele consultant.

Recently, with her regular blogging, she has also been writing for the Belly Blog. Her newest post is wonderful, because it is about budgeting when you are getting ready for a baby. I’d like to claim that Tim and I turned her and her hubby on to Dave Ramsey and our “envelope” system.

Well, keep reading the whole post, because at the bottom, there is a giveaway from yours truly!

This coupon clutch is truly the best! Tim and I have it in a different pattern, but we use it daily for our “envelope” system… much better than bulky or flimsy envelopes.

You have until Wednesday, April 3 to enter the giveaway. Please make sure to check out the blog post so that you can be sure to enter!!!! Let’s show Sarah some love!

Didn’t win it? That’s okay! You can always order it on my Thirty-One website at

A Winner!

Weeks ago, I had a giveaway on the blog, as well as help to find a new name for my new business. Well, first thing: here is the winner of the giveaway:

Screen shot 2012-12-26 at 9.52.01 PMRebecca, I will be contacting you shortly to find out if you are interested in the $15 gift certificate to Thirty-One, Rendi, or a personalized vinyl item!

Now, are you interested in the new name for my new business that combines Thirty-One, Rendi, and the personalized gifts? Well, the winner is…

Personally Yours!

Thank you for all of your help with this decision. I’m excited to start this new (ad)venture!

Are you disappointed that you didn’t win? That’s ok! I will be posting another giveaway soon. Feel free to check out (and “like”) my Facebook page to get a sneak peek for the giveaway.

A New Business Adventure!

In July 2011, I started on the home-based business adventure with my own Thirty-One business. I had no idea how much I would love to sell bags! I have met so many amazing women (and men) through this business. Not only do I love the company Thirty-One and the great values that they stand for, but I love being able to sell such great, adorable, personalize-able totes/bags/purses/organizational items. I decided I wanted a name for my business, and I called it Dory’s Tote-ally Purse-onal Gifts.

Well, last week after going back and forth for weeks, I decided to join another up-and-coming company, Rendi. I had first heard about Rendi through my friend Sarah back in February. This is a company on the newer end of Direct Sales (DS), and they specialize in personalized frames and wall signs. This is such a popular thing to do now, and I love the color and theme options that Rendi offers for their items. Now, when I signed up, I did promise Tim that I wouldn’t actively work to sell Rendi until after the school year ended. However, if you are looking for something, feel free to check out my website:


Rendi’s Large Tag Sign

As much as I wanted to keep calling this business “Tote-ally Purse-onal Gifts,” it was just too reminiscent of only selling bags. Now, I have expanded to Rendi, as well as the vinyl and other personalized items that I make. I have actually been getting orders for my personalized crafts, which is so exciting!

Now, I need to have a new name. I have been working all week on playing with names with Tim and my dear neighbor Eva (and her friends and family). Here are some of the front runners. Now I need your help! Which are your top choices? Do you have other ideas? Once you have voted, leave a comment on this page. One voter will win their choice of a $15 gift certificate to Thirty-One, Rendi, or a personalized vinyl item. I will end the voting on November 30 at 11:59 PM.


“Hostess Exclusive Classic Medium Picture This!”