Baiden Mitten Review

Disclaimer: I received a Baiden Mitten to review. I was also compensated for this review, although all opinions are 100% my own. 

Baiden Mitten Image

When I first heard about the Baiden Mitten, I assumed it was like a sponge or loofah, but after I had received it and started using it, I realized that it is totally different than the store-bought scrubbers, shower mitts, and other similar shower accessories. Although the initial price is high ($48.95), I firmly believe that it is worth that price. Would it be better if it were a few dollars cheaper? Sure (but what isn’t?), but for the length of time, natural nature of this product, and ability to throw away most other scrubs and scrubbers, it really would save you money.

What is it?

The Baiden Mitten is made from natural fibers woven together into a course material, and then it is sewn together to make a mitt. Because of the natural fibers and combination with opening of the pores from a hot bath/shower, it can be used to deep clean the skin naturally, without the use of creams, scrubs, or rubs.

What is the history behind it?

There is an entire story behind the Baiden Mitten that is included in the packaging, but it basically is an old idea from bath houses in the Ottoman Empire. The techniques to create this were passed down to Ishay, the creator of the Baiden Mitten, by her grandmother. She named it after her mother Baide. The Baiden Mitten is a family-owned company that stands by no animal testing. You can find more information on their websites: and You can also purchase it on Amazon.

How does it work?

After first prepping the mitt (by washing in plain soap and hot water), you are ready to use it. First, make sure that you don’t have lotions, creams, soaps, or oils on your skin. Next, shower or soak in a hot bath for 15+ minutes. This helps to loosen the toxins and residue on your skin (the largest organ in your body). Next, either turn off the shower water or step out of the tub (but don’t towel dry your skin). Put the damp Baiden Mitten on your hand, and start scrubbing in either an up-down or side-to-side motion. Do not do a circular motion. You can scrub as hard or light as you feel comfortable. You will start to see “rolls” form on your skin. This is the exfoliated skin. Finally, completely rinse the skin to remove all of the rolls and thoroughly rinse the mitten before hanging to dry.

Are there times when I shouldn’t use it?

The labels warn not to use it during an active sunburn or on open wounds.

How often should I use it?

You only need to use it about once a week (or less often).

My reaction:

I loved it! Ages ago, I had gotten a cream scrub for my face from an expensive makeup counter, and I experienced the same “rolls” with that as well. But it was so expensive, and who knows what other ingredients were in it! With this, I can target exactly the areas I wanted to exfoliate (or my whole body), and there are absolutely no chemicals! If you have ready any of my posts about my Young Living essentials oils, you know that having no-chemicals is a big one for me!

I will admit that I was so excited to use it that I didn’t read the directions at first and used it in a circular motion. It was a great exfoliation, but I didn’t get the rolls until the next day when I re-read the directions and used it the correct way. Because I take pretty good care of my skin and exfoliate regularly, I didn’t have many areas of dry skin “rolls,” but I was very happy with what I did have. My skin felt smoother and tighter afterwards, and I didn’t feel the need to add extra lotion over my body. I continued to use it while at the beach (not daily, but admittedly more than 1 time a week), and I continued to be thrilled with the clean feeling that I had. I only got those “rolls” the first day of using it, so that made me realize I didn’t need it as often as I had been using it.

When I used it on my face the first day, I had been tentative with my nose, and I actually missed an area (circled in blue):

Baiden Mitten Face Time 1

You can actually see the area that I missed!


When I went back a couple days later to get that area on my nose (and the rest of my face), I actually think that I scrubbed right next to that area too a little too hard. You can see my little boo-boo on my nose. Besides that, can you just see how my skin literally glows from using it, however? This is without any lotion, too!

Baiden Mitten Face Time 2


Overall, I know that the $48.95 price tag is a little high, but I really do think that it is worth it to spend the money on the Baiden Mitten instead of exfoliation services at a spa or creams. Plus, they have a money back guarantee if you aren’t happy with your purchase. This will last 2 years (or over 100 microdermabrasions for your face and body). In the little over a week that I’ve had it, I really do think that my skin is better (except that one little section on my nose), so I’m thrilled with it!