Planning a Bridal Shower

On October 4, my brother-in-law (Tim’s brother Kevin) is getting married to his college sweetheart Lauryn. We are excited for their Castle Hill wedding (more on that later), but first thing’s first: A BRIDAL SHOWER!

Now, let me start by saying that Lauryn loves surprises. Surprises aren’t my thing when planning for one big reason: I like to be able to bounce ideas with the recipient/client so I know that they are happy with all of the details. So, all we could do is just think about what we thought Lauryn would like and go with that.

In addition, her aunt threw her a surprise shower the weekend before, which meant that we have no idea what dream details would be there. So, Tim’s mom, sister, and I had to be creative with how we were going to do this.


Ah, I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. For the party planner, it can be the best thing for getting ideas. It can also be the most stressful, as you have to control your urges to love and pin everything imaginable.

There is a nice, new-ish feature on Pinterest, however: The Secret Board! This was critical when planning for this shower. I could collect all of our ideas in one board, and Lauryn would have no idea what we had found!

You can see our now-not-secret board here:

The Mood Board:

While this is not a necessary step, for a visual learner like me, I really wanted to have some way to organize all of my thoughts and ideas into one place. After talking with both Tim’s mom and his sister to share ideas, I went ahead and put this together:

Bridal Shower Mood Board -

While it is not showing all of the details (and it includes a few things that were later cut), this was the last version that I created before The Big Day Party.


The To-Do List:

Every Party Planner needs a To Do List, and this was no different. Here is a modified list, and it hopefully will help some of you DIY Party Planners getting ready for a bridal shower.

1. Pick a date and time: August 4 brunch (with an hour before and after for set-up/clean-up

2. Pick a location: a local clubhouse in Cville

3. Finalize the guest list: guest list planned, names checked with Lauryn’s mom to be sure we didn’t leave anyone out, and addresses collected  

4. Pick the theme: bright pink and surrounded by love

5. Purchase/make invitations: Tim’s mom will take care of this

6. Pick the sweet foods and who is bringing them: I am in charge of the cake

7. Pick the savory foods and who is bringing them: Tim’s mom is handling the bagels, cream cheese, humus, salsa, chips, nuts, and finger sandwiches. We have other family friends bringing mini hotdogs and some other dishes.

8. Pick the fresh foods (fruit and veggies) and who is bringing them: Family friends are bringing the fruit salad and other fresh items.

9. Pick the drinks and containers and who is bringing them: Tim’s mom is bringing the drink dispenser and pink lemonade. I am bringing another drink dispenser and the infused water.

10. Decide on the table decorations: gold-colored tablecloths from Party City, mason jars filled with DIY paper flowers

11. Decide on the hanging decorations: bright pink paper flowers, streamers, and hanging fans via Hobby Lobby. 

12. Pick and coordinate Game #1: “Don’t Say It” where the guests can’t say “bride, groom, wedding, or Big Day” or they lose a ring. The most rings wins!

13. Pick and coordinate Game #2: Quiz game comparing the answers between Kevin and Lauryn

14. Purchase the “guestbook:” Jenga game for writing wedding advice and make a sign for directions

15. Purchase the recipe cards for the invitations: Tim’s mom is handling this

16. Buy utensils: hot pink, thanks to Party City

17. Buy plates: hot pink with damask design, thanks to Party City

18. Buy cups: mason jars with cupcake liners and pink straws sticking out

19. Buy napkins: hot pink with damask design, thanks to Party City

20. Buy favors: DIY “S’more Love” packets

21. Make the lace crown for Lauryn: changed to a glitter lace-like crown

22. Make props for the photo booth: thanks to my Silhouette, these didn’t take too long, and they were really cute

23. Get fabric for photo booth: pink chevron at JoAnn Fabric

24. Get camera ready for photo booth: I practiced with my tripod and remote control the night before