Little Squeeze Me Reusable Pouch Review and Giveaway

Little Squeeze Me Pouch Display

Although we are not exclusively feeding pureed food with Audrey and David (16 months), every now and then we just have to get extra calories in them (picky toddlers can equal little food eaten). Often the fastest way is through those organic pouches with the twist-off spouts.

When the twins were younger and just starting on solid food, we made our own baby food and put them in pouches. We found, however, that the twins couldn’t actually handle sucking and squeezing the pouches themselves (unless we wanted to regularly clean up a huge mess). It was easier for us just to make little frozen cubes of pureed food and defrost as needed. This was much less wasteful with the food itself and also with less plastic waste (since those pouches were one-use only). We happily found new homes for our Infantino Squeeze Station and Kiinde Foodii and just went with ice cube trays with a lid and stored them in sealable containers. So. Much. Easier.

Now that the twins are older, however, we have circled back to using those pouches as needed for extra nutrition. I love that David will often eat the contents of a pouch (or 2 or 3) when he doesn’t want ANYTHING else to eat. But after going through pouch after pouch, I felt really guilty over the amount of trash we were creating and also how expensive those pouches were. I wanted a way to go back and make my own pouches, but I needed something that was easier to put the liquid into the pouch.

Little Squeeze Me Pouch Info

So when I got the opportunity to try out the Little Squeeze Me pouches, I was thrilled! With a zip-tight top and reusable design, I was thrilled that I might have found the answer to the DIY baby food issue. Here is what they say about their pouches:

•The only self standing pouch when filled that features a clear fill line with measurement markings on the back

•Holds up to 6 fluid ounces

•Our Little Squeeze Me pouch is very durable and is made with the highest quality materials available. Leak free and easy to fill with extra strength Double Zippered pouches. No filling station needed! Just pour or spoon in through the wide top zipper opening

•DIY Homemade Snacks Using Fresh Organic Pureed Fruits, Applesauce and Yogurt. Great for an adults portioned meals, after work out protein shakes and work lunch

•Easy to clean with an easy to see clear bottom, dishwasher and freezer safe. Excellent for freezing meals and snacks in advance!

•Go Green and Save Money! Tired of throwing away so many baby food pouches? These big reusable pouches are earth friendly and is BPA, Phthalate, PVC and Lead Free. For every purchase, 2 foundations will each receive $1 to support MOMS and BABIES. Original price $35 and currently selling for $14.97 on Amazon

So what do I actually think? In order to try something new, I wanted to do a video review of this reusable pouch. I hope you enjoy it!

EDIT: I tried to clean the pouches from our pumpkin, and it was difficult to get it all the way cleaned. With a good brush, you can get to the corners, but just make sure you have cleaned it thoroughly (and dried it) before using it again.

If you would like to purchase the Little Squeeze Me pouches for 20%, you can order them through the with promo code ESM3CRW7. In addition, one lucky reader will get the chance to try out their own set of Little Squeeze Me pouches. You can use the Rafflecopter Widget to enter. We ask that the winner also writes a short, honest review on Amazon as well after you have tried it. 

Little Squeeze Me Pouch

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