Don’t Buy Oils from Amazon!

Why You Shouldn't Buy Oils from AmazonAfter much research, I personally only use Young Living Essential Oils. Why? Because YL is the ONLY company with the Seed to Seal Promise. This means that YL controls every single step of the way, from planting the seeds (they own their own farms) to harvesting the crop to distilling to bottling to shipping. Young Living is the ONLY essential oil company to have complete control over each of these steps. They even do testing in-house (in addition to independent third-party labs as well).

Other oil companies may use outside farmers or distilleries or bottlers or even unauthorized distributors (like Amazon). This means they don’t exactly know what is happening with their oils. The farmers may use pesticides on their crops or the distilleries or bottlers may clean with bleach (chemicals). Not Young Living. They know that each step is completely chemical free.

So why is there such a high price tag if there aren’t any middle men? It’s because the oils are such a high quality. Gary Young has developed a very precise schedule and routine for each plant and oil, and that doesn’t come without a price. But the benefit is that we as distributors and members get the products directly from Young Living. When we sign up to be a YL Member and Distributor, we sign a statement that we won’t sell the oils for less than the wholesale price (24% off retail). There are business accounts that can purchase at a deeper discount, but they also cannot resell for less than 24% off retail. This is very important. So if you see anything from YL priced below the wholesale rate, run far, far away.

Why can’t you buy on places like Amazon? This is an easy answer: we as distributors are not allowed to sell on sites like this. Anyone who is selling YL products on Amazon is not authorized to do so. So they are not YL Distributors.

Is that really a problem? Yes! I have come across countless examples of people tampering with bottles to make it seem unopened and direct from YL, but in fact, that is further from the truth. It is actually really easy to fake a bottle of YL oil. With an abundance of companies that sell empty 5 and 15 mL bottles, you can easily get an unopened cap for an essential oil bottle. All you have to do is buy a bottle of YL Frankincense, split it up into two (or more) bottles or sub in a lesser-quality or similar smelling oil like Elemi, and then you can add the new top and resell it. If you have actually diluted it, you can sell even more, making it possible to make money from the process.

Amazon vs YL

You can actually see the cap difference in this image, taken by Niccole Perez from We Can Oil It, our team of YL Distributors. The YL cap (Purification) has deeper teeth, whereas the fake Frankincense has almost unnoticeable teeth.

Moral of the story: Do your research with the brand of oils that you purchase. But also, make sure that you understand that you can’t just purchase these products from anywhere. Any Young Living oil should be purchased directly through the Young Living company. I will, from time to time, pass my YL wholesale rate on to friends and family (I purchase for them and they pay me back), but because we have a pre-existing relationship, they can trust that these oils come directly from YL.  You can’t say the same with an online retailer, especially because this is specifically against our Member Policy.