Organizing the Nursery

THEN: Before Babies Were Born

As we were receiving gifts from our very generous family and friends, I wanted to display it all, so I hung up every item. I wanted to show a little overview of how we organized our closet when we came home from the hospital, until a couple of weeks ago. It was organized according to size, and further by color (ROYGBIV). Audrey’s things are on pink hangers and David’s are on blue. Anything that is unisex is put on a white hanger.


Infant Closet Organization -


NOW: Since the Babies Have Been Born

Current Closet Organization -

Since the original picture was taken, we have reorganized the closet a little to reflect on the growing number of clothes that the babies have in their current sizes. We have since put the larger sizes away, and we only have the clothes that the babies can wear right now. It takes up the three lower rods (the easiest to access). David’s onesies (long and short sleeved) are on the left rod, and Audrey’s onesies (long and short sleeved) and tunic shirts are on the right. The lower rod has a few more of Audrey’s items, but it is mostly David’s rompers, pjs, and tunic shirts. Would you believe that David has more clothes than his sister? We are enjoying that now, because if Audrey takes after me, she will soon outgrow that little space. The upper left rod is now the swaddlers, and the upper right rod is jackets, sweaters, and coats. We still have everything on the pink. blue, and white hangers. Now, it is much easier to say that we need a clean onesie, and then we can go pick it out. We are currently in between sizes, so we have the newborn and 0-3 items together, and then we can pick and choose if we want them to be in something a little big or more snug. If we put something on them and it’s too snug, it goes in the “sell” pile or in the memory bin (if it’s a clothing item that we love and want to keep to remember it).

David Onesies Organization -

Audrey Onesies  Organization -

A and D Extra Clothing Organization -

Next up: we will add baskets to the closet to help maximize those large shelves.

And here is how we organize the dresser and diaper area:Diaper Caddy Organization - Infant Dresser Organization -



On top of the dresser, we also keep wipes, a burp cloth or two, at least one “peepee” cover, and lotion.