Tips and Tricks for New Baby

Tips and TricksLast year, I wrote a few posts about tips for new moms, but since then, I have had some friends have babies. I feel like I have a year of advice, and I hate to overwhelm them with everything, so I thought I would write up a post about it. These are from my memories. Some will be similar to what appeared in past posts, but they will be the biggest tricks we still stand by today.

At the Hospital:

  • Have a dark-colored robe and a nursing bra. If you only pack two items, let it be these two. That way you can cover up for visitors and for the photographer.

The First Weeks:

  • Limit Nursing Time. Of course, you will want to talk to your pediatrician and/or lactation consultant, but you don’t want to let your newborn nurse nonstop during a session. Our pediatrician recommended we stop them after 20 minutes. If I still had milk left in me, I could pump and then syringe feed. If they nursed for longer, then they would spend more calories than they would gain by eating.
  • Nipple Balm is Your Friend. You will never know know how painful nursing is until you actually go through it. Every 2 or 3 hours you will have a baby (or babies in our case) tugging and nursing and having trouble (or success) latching. Use lanolin or another nipple balm (my pick is Bella B) and put it on thick! Use lanolin before showers and turn your back to the water. Use the balm after nursing (and in between sessions too). Use cotton/reusable nursing pads for added protection. Use a gel pad (Lily Padz is a great one) from the fridge/freezer for extra help.

Tricks for Home:

  • Have a Diaper Changing Station for Each Floor. We still have one on each floor with a replica of the caddy right next to it. It saves us so much trouble and steps!
  • Have a Sink Cleaning Station for Each Floor. With pumping supplies and sometimes bottles, you will want to have an area by a sink on each floor, just like you have a setup for diaper changes on each floor. We highly recommend the Boon Grass for drying. It looks silly, but it works so well that my mom got one for her home.
  • Keep a Tub of Water and Detergent to Prevent Stains. You have no idea how this saved our water bill. Just by having a tub of water with a little detergent  in it right by the washer/dryer, we could drop in the messy onesie or clothes and then we could wash them when we were ready. We rarely had to pre-treat stains and kept all our (and the babies’) clothes looking new despite many blow-outs and spit-ups.
  • Puppy Changing Pads on Changing Table. Babies will pee all over the place. And they will poop. And spit up. And you DON’T want to constantly change and wash your changing pad cover. It’s obnoxious. So, do what we did and get the blue puppy changing pads to put on top of the cover. It fits perfectly, it’s cheap, and it contains all of the mess. You can use them over and over and over again, and then when they get dirty or start falling apart, throw it away. Eventually you can go without this but you will want it for a while. Oh, and we found that girls need this even more than the boys. With the boys, the stream goes up and around. With the girls, it goes down and all over the place.

Do I have even more tricks than this? Absolutely! But these were the big ones for us to pass along. If you have great tricks, please leave them as a comment! I can’t wait to hear what you come up with!

A New Mom’s Must-Have List

Well, I have been lucky enough to be a mommy for a few of weeks already, and I love my new job. It’s amazing how my life has changed and slowed down. I could stare at my babies for hours (and I do), and I already have over 1000 pictures and videos of them. Thank goodness for lots of computer storage for these digital files!

I wanted to write a list of all of the items that are the most-needed items on your list to get you through the first two weeks… or until you are comfortable enough to go out with your baby/babies and restock. I have given the exact kind that we use, just in case it may help out other mommies and mommies-to-be.

New Mom's Must-Have List -

1. Video Monitor with sound (Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with 3.5″ Color Screen and Wireless Camera with Pan, Tilt & Zoom and 2 cameras – MBP36)

2. Crib/Bassinet/Playpen for in-room sleeping (S1 by Safety 1st Satellite Premier Play Yard in Kensington)

3. Breastfeeding pillow (Twin Z Pillow for low-arm chairs/couches/beds and the My Brest Friend for nursery chair)

4. Breast pump, milk storage containers (Medela Symphony 2.0 and zipper storage bags)

5. Snacks and water (unsalted deluxe nuts from Costco)

6. Nipple cream (Lanolin, Boob Ease, and Bella B Nipple Nurture Butter) and breast pads (Philips Avent washable nursing pads and Lansinoh Soothies Gel Pads)

New Mom Must Haves 1-6

7. Burp cloths (tons and tons of the pre-folded kinds… we had at least 30, and we kept them everywhere)

8. Swaddle blankets (Aden & Anais, Woombie, and SwaddleMe)

9. Preemie/Newborn diapers (don’t buy a lot of one kind to start with- try a few different ones out as each baby’s shape is different)

10. Wipes (any and a lot)

11. Wipe warmer (Munchkin Standard Wipe Warmer)
*Note: I used to think this was so silly and fuddy-duddy, but then my little David would scream bloody murder with every cold wipe that touched his skin. I couldn’t put him through that, so we got a good, inexpensive one from Target.*

12. Hand soap and hand lotion (California Baby Calendula Cream)

New Mom Must Haves 7-12

13. Rocker/Swing (4Moms Mamaroo rocker)

14. Diaper pail and trash bags (Ubbi)

15. Mom’s Post-Birth Bag of Tricks (Tucks, Dermoplast spray, thick pads, mesh underwear, loose pj pants, separate trash bags/can, extra soft toilet paper, stool softeners/laxatives, peri-bottle)

16. Camera with video (Canon SL1)

17. Dreft 

18. Tub of water with Dreft
*Note: This is a perfect way to let baby clothes soak to get rid of stains before they set in.*

New Mom Must Haves 13-18

19. Washcloths for David’s Diaper Changes (any cheap, soft washcloth’s will do)

20. Tunic shirts in Newborn Size (Gerber brand)

21. White Noise Machine (Homemedics SoundSpa Sound Machine and Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine)

New Mom Must Haves 19-21


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