A Month of Gratitude: Baby/Parent Dates

As a mom of twins, I never was able to go to baby yoga or “playdates” out and about by myself (with them out of the stroller) or baby gymnastics without a second set of hands (thank you Aunt Kat!!!). So Tim and I recently decided that we needed to each take a child and have a Mommy-and-Me or Daddy-and-Me date.

Today was the first day of this. We had errands to run, but we got to do it with just one child. And it was so much fun. Tim went with David to Home Depot (to look at the tractors and get an air filter), Target (to try to find another Percy die-cast train), Toys R Us, and then the grocery store.

I took Audrey to Franklin Goose and Walmart. We all had so much fun! Audy and I held hands, sang to songs we had never heard before as if we knew every word, played with the toys, held every single Sesame Street “friend” in Walmart, and ran up and down the aisles in the cart shouting “wheeeeeeeeee!” This was definitely something we will be repeating.

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