Review: Binsi Birth Skirt and Extras

*I received the items below for review. All thoughts are 100% my own.*

I am thrilled to introduce something that is perfect for the birthing experience and beyond: the BINSI!

Here is something about the BINSI company:

“We’re a small-but-growing company founded and firmly grounded in a desire to help women feel beautiful, powerful, healthy and in control as they enter their amazing journey into motherhood.

A letter from Carri, owner and founder of Binsi Inc.:

At the birth of my first child, I wore a standard hospital gown. Clinical, uncomfortable and immodest! I felt like a patient: scared, powerless and at the mercy of others; not a healthy excited woman about to become a mother. Later, as a doula, I learned to help other women feel more confident and comfortable through labor and so began the idea of Binsi.

I wore the first Binsi skirt at the birth of my second child. It changed everthing for me. I made skirts for my clients. I gave them as gifts. And suddenly, I had a company firmly grounded in my desire to help women feel beautiful, powerful and in control as they enter their amazing journey into motherhood.

I hope that you too will have a beautiful and fulfilling birth experience.”

I knew from early in my pregnancy that I would have a few non-negotiables. 1. I would be giving birth in an operating room, even if we didn’t need to do a c-section. 2. I would be having an epidural, because they needed me to be ready for anything after Baby A arrived. 3. I would have constant monitoring, to make sure that neither of the babies went into distress. 4. From early on, I would be prepped for an IV, so they would have easy access.

All of these made me realize that I had to be pretty go-with-the-flow with the whole thing. Still, I really wanted to try having my own clothes for the process, just to make it seem more normal. In addition, I knew that if I were too warm, I would feel nauseous, and by having just a skirt and bra on, that would help me to stay cool.

As you will see from our Birth Story post (when we are finished writing it and are able to post it), unfortunately I wasn’t able to wear the skirt during labor or delivery, but that had nothing to do with the skirt itself. Frankly, I didn’t have time to put it on! Everything happened so fast, and by the time I knew that Friday, November 22 was The Day, we barely had enough time to call our parents, let alone go to the bathroom to change out of the hospital gown. This was my only regret from that entire day.

Still, I’ve worn the skirt plenty before giving birth and afterwards, so I feel like I can talk about how much I love it!

I have tried a few of the BINSI items, and here are my highly-positive thoughts about them:

This is the BINSI Prima Mama Original Birth Skirt. I originally saw a birthing skirt on one of the laboring mamas in the childbirth video from the class that we took, and I knew that I wanted one. After looking around, I found the BINSI, and it looked perfect! It is a great twill material with an adjustable drawstring waist. There are snaps down the entire front, so it can be removed easily if needed. It also has two slits on the sides for easy maneuverability during labor. Finally, it’s not too short or long, so you can still be modest when needed.

I checked with my hospital, and they were totally fine with me wearing it during labor, even if I were to have a c-section. Because of the material, it would have been easy as pie to clean (we know that labor and delivery can be a little messy). I love the way it fits, both before and after babies.

In addition to the Prima Mama Original, they sent me a couple extra items.

Next is the Hairdo-La, a stretchy hairband to help keep the hair out of my face. I love this, because I am not a fan of the plastic or tight headbands (can you say ouch-y headache?). This does what it needs to do, whether my hair is in a ponytail already or down. Plus, I will love to use this for years to come as a mommy hairstyle when I just don’t have time to wash, dry, and straighten my hair.

They also sent me some Labor Soothing Bath Salts, some combs, and a wonderful beaded bracelet. You can find the bath salts and combs as a part of the Go Time Bundle (although it includes much more than just these items).

I want to talk for a moment about these bath salts. They are incredible! When I was 35 weeks, I was preeeeeetty uncomfortable. My hips and pelvis were just one giant ache. I really couldn’t find too much relief. So, I drew a warm bath (I wanted it to be hot hot hot, but I knew that’s not allowed in pregnancy) and put in a couple of handfuls of the bath salts. Oh my, the smell instantly hit me and gave me this great sense of relaxation. It wasn’t too overwhelming, either. Just light and calming. Once I got in the water, I knew I was in heaven. The salt crystals had dissolved easily, and I was just surrounded by warm, delicious-smelling (but not overly so) water. Yes, heaven. Oh, and I’m not a bath person, so for me to say this, that is truly something.

I can imagine that, for a laboring mama, that bath would be incredible! Unfortunately, because of my twins, I knew that I would be constantly monitored, so I wouldn’t be able to do any baths at the hospital. That’s ok. I’ll happily use the bath salts at home!

Review and Giveaway: Everly Grey Maternity

*This giveaway has ended. Congrats to our winner, Jenna N!*

 *I received the products listed in this post in exchange for my review of them. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

I am thrilled to share a wonderful maternity clothing company with you today; Everly Grey. They have a fantastic array of different clothes and styles: tops, bottoms, dresses, sweaters, and nursing items. They also have an amazing sale section with fantastic prices on some great items. Their dresses for this fall season are incredible, and I wish I found out about them a couple months ago, as I would have loved to get some of their dresses for the showers or special occasions that we had this summer.

I was fortunate enough to have them send me two items to review. Because I am so late into my pregnancy, I wanted to focus on items that could be used throughout the winter, and especially while breastfeeding the twins.

The first item I got was the Jaden Long Sleeve Henley in Teal Stripe. My first impression was that I love the color. I am obsessed with jewel-tone colors, especially my favorite: teal/turquoise. It retails for $45 and is worth every penny. It isn’t overly “maternity,” because it doesn’t have the cinched waist. Because of this, I hope that I will be able to wear this shirt post-pregnancy as well.


Everly Gray Maternity Review -

It is so soft and comfortable. I can picture many days just lounging around the house with this soft shirt.

Everly Gray Maternity Review -

The next item I received was the Sherman Spring Sweater in Fuschia Stripe. This one was on sale for $37.99, and it is just one size. They also have the Sherman Wrap and Sherman Sweater Wrap in many other colors, and I am sure that these other wraps fit the same way as this one.

I am currently wearing it right now. I am obsessed. I love how light-weight it is and how it covers me in all the right places. I can let it hang, and it looks great over some basic clothes.

Everly Gray Maternity Review -

Everly Gray Maternity Review -


I can also picture wearing it with my nursing tanks this winter for a little more warmth in my house (but still easy access for feedings). How great is that?

Plus, if I want to wrap it around my tummy, I can. In fact, when I was wearing it today, I also had my maternity support belt on, and I used this to cover it up slightly, so it wasn’t just BOOM MATERNITY BELT.

33 Weeks Pregnant with Twins -


Yes, it looked much better with the wrap around me to hide that beauty.

I am thrilled that Everly Grey is offering one reader a Sherman Sweater. The contest will be open from November 7-22. Good luck! You can use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter!
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Twin and Pregnancy DIY Costumes

*This post originally appeared on in time for Halloween 2013 as a part of the “Make-I Mondays” feature. You can see the original post here.*

Easy DIY Twin and Pregnancy Costumes

Happy Halloween! Today, I want to feature some DIY Halloween costumes, both for us pregger moms and our multiples.

I know that so many of us see “DIY” and we get that sweaty feeling. Oh no! I’m not crafty! I can’t do that! Well, I’m here to tell you, friend, that you can! In this DIY post, it just means that these costumes aren’t all boxed-up nice and pretty. You have to gather a little here and a little there. You can do that! In fact, these tend to look much better than the pre-packaged costumes, and they are the most memorable ones!

*Note: In order to find the original source (when applicable), please click on the picture. If available, it will take you to the website where the image was found.*

DIY Costumes for Us Pregger Moms-to-Be

1. “Buns in the Oven Bakery”
This just requires a box with some holes cut in it and some spray-painted cups (or bottle caps) as the knobs. Easy!

2. “Skeletons Inside”
Yes, you do need to have the vinyl transfers, but once you do, all you have to do is iron this on a black shirt.

3. “I’m Dressed Up as my Mommy”
This is found on Etsy, but you could easily take a shirt and write it in marker (or vinyl).

4. “Snoopy Belly”
Ok, as a lover of the comic strip Peanuts, I have to include this one. This just requires some felt on a white shirt. Plus, you can coordinate with your honey, and he can be Charlie Brown!

5. “A Gypsy and Her Magic Ball”
This one doesn’t take much extra than what you may already have around your house. You will need a black top (tied up to reveal your painted belly) and a long, black skirt. You may need to get a black scarf and some beads to tie around your head, but that’s about it. Throw on some heavy eye makeup, and you are ready to go!

6. “Angry Birds”
Yes, the game isn’t as popular now as it was a year or so ago, but this is still a great home-made costume. You just need some felt (or vinyl) for the face, and you can tape a 3-D paper beak on for the final touch.

7. “Winnie the Pooh”
It doesn’t get much easier than this. A red-collared shirt, cut just under the bust. A yellow maternity shirt underneath. A black dot on your nose. A jar of honey. You can add the “Pooh” writing to the shirt or not. Regardless, you have an easily-recognized character.

8. “The Solar System”
“All you need to do is get a comfy black t-shirt, put a sun smack dab in the middle, and hang planets from your arms to turn yourself into something straight out of outer space.”

You can find these costumes and some more at

DIY Costumes for Our Multiples

1. “Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker”
Take a look at Professional Twin Mommy’s blog to see how she made this. My favorite part is that Luke and Leia actually ARE twins in the story. Yes, my Baby Boy and Baby Girl WILL be Luke and Leia one year.

2. “Superman and Clark Kent”
For identical boys, this is an adorable get-up. Superman needs a blue onesie with a felt “S” logo and a red cloth as a cape (a red towel would work). Clark needs a spiffy old-fashioned-looking suit with a blue onesie underneath. I love how this mom drew the glasses on her child, so he didn’t try to keep taking them off.

3. “Thing 1 and Thing 2”
This is perhaps one of the most popular twin costumes, so I almost didn’t include it. I liked how this mom (I wish I could find the original source) used blue boas for their hair, instead of buying a wig. The body costume itself was made from red sweatshirts and sweatpants, with a “Thing 1/2” circle cut, drawn, and attached onto the shirt.

4. “The Flintstones”
Although I found a picture of Fred and Wilma, you could easily extend this to the whole Flintstones gang (Pebbles, Dino, Barney, Betty, Bamm-Bamm) and have a whole family of Flintstones. These costumes aren’t much more than draped fabric (felt or cotton will work fine) with cut-off edges and accessories. Fred’s tie and spots are easy to add on, and the entire thing doesn’t have to be perfect. Remember, they came from a prehistoric era without sewing machines! The rougher, the better!

5. “Salt and Pepper”
This costume was found on Etsy (click the picture to take you to the listing), but it is easy to make! Onesies with the letter S and P on them, and two chef hats with black circles on the top. Voila! Your little movers and shakers (pun intended) are ready to go.

6. “Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum”
I wanted to show a picture of a girls’ version of this costume, because this is so gosh-darn cute! To make it easy, take a yellow shirt, red pants, and a blue bowtie. You can add the blue baseball caps and white gloves, but they aren’t required.

7. “Charlie Brown and Lucy”
As I said above, I LOVE the Peanuts comic strip. These adorable outfits are iconic, but also easy to pull off. Charlie Brown needs a yellow shirt (collared or t-shirt), with a black chevron stripe around the tummy. Black or brown pants will do, and a football is a great prop. Lucy will need a blue dress with 4 buttons sewn in the center. This will be another must-do for my twins.

8. “Sushi”
This costume will take a little bit of sewing to accomplish, but once that is done, it will be perfect! You will start with a white pillowcase dress (whether it is for a boy or girl), and then you need to pick your sushi. You can get a half-yard of colored fabric from your local fabric store (I would recommend felt because you won’t have to worry about the ends fraying). Cut it into the shape you want and sew it onto your base “dress.” You could also iron the material onto the base “dress” using Heat N Bond, if you only need to use the costume once. Also, look at those cute hats/headbands with ginger and wasabi rosettes!

9. “Gnomes”
This is a fun one. You will need to make a cone-shaped hat (either out of a stiff material or paper), and you will attach the hair to the underside of it. For a girl, you will take yarn and braid it into two parts. The boy will have one string of yarn with tassels hanging down. They are then just wearing red shirts and dark pants.

10. “Raggedy Ann and Andy”
This costume was made through a pattern, but it would be simple to replicate with a little bit of Goodwill shopping. Andy needs a red collared shirt and blue pants. He also needs lots of red yarn for a wig and a sailor hat (easy and cheap to get at your local party store). Make sure the pants are short, so the red socks show underneath. Ann needs a longer red yarn wig and an old-fashioned dress. I bet you could find this at a local thrift store. Even if it is big for your little girl, that’s ok. She then needs a white pinafore. This is easy to recreate with white fabric wrapped around the dress and two thick ribbon as the straps. You don’t have to include the bloomers, but white tights and black shoes will complete the outfit. You could also add red triangle makeup to their noses for a cute something extra.

Here are some other great sites for twin costume ideas:

For a big list of other costumes (not necessarily DIY, check out this great one from, check out this link.

DIY Costumes for Our Multiples (From Moms)

1. Jennifer Wood’s “Mario and Luigi”
“My Mario and Luigi costumes were overalls I got at resale for $3 each. The long-sleeve onesies I got on clearance at Kohl’s. The hats I made. “

Halloween DIY Costumes -

2. Jennifer Wood’s “Captain Hook and Mr. Smee”

Halloween DIY Costumes -

“Capt. Hook’s jacket was a thrift store boys dress shirt I added gold ribbon trim, black girls leggings from the thrift store, a yard of lace trim safety pinned to the collar and thrift store shoes. Mr Smee’s shirt and hat I made, but the sandals and shorts were thrift store too. The glasses, which made the whole outfit, were $1 store ‘cheaters’ that I popped out the lenses.”

3. Sadia Rodriguez’s “Rainbow Fairies Amber and Heather”

Halloween DIY Costumes -

4. Sadia Rodriguez’s Mary Poppins

Halloween DIY Costumes -

Halloween DIY Costumes -

“E-bay and eCRATER are far more convenient for thrift shopping than Goodwill or other brick and mortar thrift stores! The umbrellas, which I got brand new on Amazon, were the most expensive components of the costumes, at about $15 each.

Melody’s dress was a $2.50 Christmas dress, and the tulle for her hat cost a quarter. Jessica’s skirt is actually a knee-length skirt of mine, while her shirt was a $1 find. The coat/dress was about $10, second-hand. The shoes were $7/pair at Walmart, and the tights were hand-me-downs from the neighbours. I found the bucket hats at T.J. Maxx for $8 each, and the silk flowers were a couple of bucks. Jessica’s carpet bag was a $3 bag-shaped plywood box from Michaels, with a fabric scrap lacquered on using liquid laminate, which is one of the more bizarre things I happened to have lying around the house. So, both outfits came together in under $80. Sure, I could have bought brand-new ensembles for the same, but despite my grumbling, the effort was worth it in the end.”

5. Margie Pelz’s “The Lorax and the Truffula Tree”

Halloween DIY Costumes -

6. Carrie’s “Moose Family”
“We were all moose for no reason other than I love moose! Homemade and it shows but that is what made it cute! The plus is that my boys are still wearing the fleece pants a year later and I took the antlers off the sweat shirt and still wear it.”

Halloween DIY Costumes -

*Dory is the author of Doyle Dispatch and currently pregnant with boy/girl twins. To read more posts about Dory’s pregnancy and DIY projects, you can see the list here.*

Maternity Clothes So Far

*All pictures have been taken at 29 weeks, although the clothes tell the story from the 2nd trimester.*

Well, here I am at 29 weeks 2 days pregnant, but I’m looking much more pregnant. In fact, last week at my OB appointment, my belly measured in at 35 weeks pregnant. So maternity clothes are just about the only things that I fit into (except for a few lounge pants).

With the pregnancy heat and growing belly, this summer I found that my old clothes simply weren’t cutting it anymore. I was lucky that my clothes lasted for as long as they did. A year and a half ago, I was 30 pounds heavier than at the start of my pregnancy. I lost the weight in the months leading up to getting pregnant, so that when I was actually pregnant, I could use my “heavier” clothes, as they were already a little more baggy on me. Sure, it didn’t present the most flattering picture of myself, but it was free, and I like to save money.

Then, at about the last week of school (12 weeks pregnant), I had a co-worker tell me that I needed to show off my bump, especially since the rest of me was so skinny (doesn’t a girl love hearing that?). So, to celebrate the start of summer, I went to Eddie Bauer (oh, how I love thee) and got 7 new slim-fitting tank tops in all kinds of fabulous colors.

That same day, Tim and I went to Motherhood Maternity to try on maternity clothes for the first time. Well, I had a bump, but not one that would fill out the maternity clothes. Maybe I was trying on the wrong size (surely I wasn’t an XS when my whole life I had been a M), but the dresses and shirts fit me all kinds of weird. The armholes were were worst. Apparently, when you get pregnant, the area under your armpits get really baggy and fat. That has to be true, because that is where I had the biggest problems with fit. Oh, that and the tummy. Yes, I had a bump, but it wasn’t enough for the shirts I picked out.

So, I just stuck with my tank tops. Fair enough.

Fast forward 4 weeks to my 16-week anatomy scan. I definitely had a bump now, and I celebrated finding out they were a boy and a girl with my first maternity purchases: 2 ruched scoop-neck shirts. Simple, soft, and divine in the summer heat. Plus, they were still form-fitting to show off the bump.

So now, my wardrobe consisted of my tank tops and my 2 scoop-neck maternity tees. Totally enough to keep me going.

Maternity Clothes at 29 Weeks (Twins) - DoyleDispatch.comMaternity Clothes at 29 Weeks (Twins) -


Maternity Clothes at 29 Weeks (Twins) - DoyleDispatch.comMaternity Clothes at 29 Weeks (Twins) -

Then, at 18 weeks, while we were in Cleveland, we took a quick trip to Target. Ah, Target! The land of maxi dresses, soft jersey fabric, and inexpensive maternity clothes. I’ll take it! Plus, Mom was paying (for those of you who know my mom, the fact that I got her, my brother, and Tim shopping with me was nothing short of a miracle). Score! I ended up with 2 dresses and 2 tops, and I LOVE THEM!

Maternity Clothes at 29 Weeks (Twins) - DoyleDispatch.comMaternity Clothes at 29 Weeks (Twins) -

Maternity Clothes at 29 Weeks (Twins) - DoyleDispatch.comMaternity Clothes at 29 Weeks (Twins) -

Maternity Clothes at 29 Weeks (Twins) - DoyleDispatch.comMaternity Clothes at 29 Weeks (Twins) -

Maternity Clothes at 29 Weeks (Twins) - DoyleDispatch.comMaternity Clothes at 29 Weeks (Twins) -

Then, we got to 19 weeks. My “fat” shorts were more and more snug. Sure, I could do the rubber-band-around-the-button trick with my shorts and pant, but I knew that this is only a temporary fix. And summers in Virginia are long. So, I went back to Motherhood Maternity to try on their shorts. Let me just say that they are amaaaaaazing. Why didn’t I find these before? Every girl, both pregnant and not should own maternity pants and shorts. I kid you not, they are so comfortable. I actually told Tim that I was feeling really underdressed, and he didn’t understand. Wonder why? Because they felt like exercise shorts when they were really looking like regular shorts. I fell in love!

Once the weather started getting cooler, I got some jeans, 2 pairs of leggings, and a whole bunch of longer tunics and sweaters.

Maternity Clothes at 29 Weeks (Twins) - DoyleDispatch.comMaternity Clothes at 29 Weeks (Twins) -

Maternity Clothes at 29 Weeks (Twins) - DoyleDispatch.comMaternity Clothes at 29 Weeks (Twins) -

Maternity Clothes at 29 Weeks (Twins) - DoyleDispatch.comMaternity Clothes at 29 Weeks (Twins) -


Maternity Clothes at 29 Weeks (Twins) - DoyleDispatch.comMaternity Clothes at 29 Weeks (Twins) -

Maternity Clothes at 29 Weeks (Twins) - DoyleDispatch.comMaternity Clothes at 29 Weeks (Twins) -

I still have two dresses that I can wear from pre-pregnancy:

Maternity Clothes at 29 Weeks (Twins) - DoyleDispatch.comMaternity Clothes at 29 Weeks (Twins) -

Maternity Clothes at 29 Weeks (Twins) - DoyleDispatch.comMaternity Clothes at 29 Weeks (Twins) -

And another that I bought for a formal occasion, but it will totally work after pregnancy:
Maternity Clothes at 29 Weeks (Twins) - DoyleDispatch.comMaternity Clothes at 29 Weeks (Twins) -

And here I am in my PinkBlush Maternity dress. I love this one too!
Maternity Clothes at 29 Weeks (Twins) - DoyleDispatch.comMaternity Clothes at 29 Weeks (Twins) -


So which is your favorite look?


Reminder: PinkBlush Maternity Giveaway

Don’t forget that we are running an amazing giveaway for PinkBlush Maternity! It closes in just 4 days.

Check it out here to enter or click on the picture:

Pink Blush Review and Giveaway -

Review and Giveaway: PinkBlush Maternity

Pink Blush Review and Giveaway -


***This giveaway has ended. Congrats to Renata K!***

**I received the product mentioned below in exchange for this review. All thoughts are 100% my own. I received no other compensation.**

Ok, so this is a post that I am really REALLY excited about. A couple of weeks ago, I got in contact with PinkBlush Maternity, because I had been drooling over their maternity clothes for weeks. Well, now that I am exclusively wearing maternity clothes (and I have probably 2 months left of this pregnancy), I am always on the lookout for inexpensive options.

Well, within 3 days of our initial emails back-and-forth, I had my new PinkBlush maternity dress in my hands. I kid you not. DAYS. When they got my order, they must have sent out the dress THAT day. What customer service! It was incredible.

Tim would attest to the fact that I was like a kid holding a baby kitten when my package came in. I tore open the package and just held the soft jersey fabric up to my face. Ah, jersey cotton! I love you so (as does my itchy, pregnant belly)!

I raced hobbled upstairs to put on my dress, and it fit perfectly! It fit exactly the way that a growing pregnant lady wants a dress to fit. It was narrow at my smallest part, and then it had just enough pleating to be flexible for a while, as I knew my belly would be growing.

Pink Blush Maternity Dress Review and Giveaway -

I love the top and the colors on it. They are so vibrant, but not over-the-top (not pun intended). The top isn’t the same jersey knit material, but it also has just enough give to it to accommodate a variety of sizes. The skirt is pure heaven, and the length is perfect, especially since I am extremely clumsy and could trip over anything. Not in this, although the length is technically floor-length. I have found that some maxi dresses make my back and bottom feel… well… big (even though I really haven’t gained too much extra weight there). With this dress, however, I still feel just a narrow in the back as before I got pregnant, and that is a feeling that I want to keep: can’t tell I’m pregnant from the back, but when you see the side: WOAH, BELLY!

We have some fun events coming up in the next month (2 baby showers, a rehearsal dinner, and a wedding), and I can assure you that this dress will be making an appearance at one of these. There is one thing, however, that I am excited about. When I was looking around the internet, trying to figure out which dress I wanted for this review, I found someone else who had posted a picture of herself in my dress (well, her dress, but this same style). Guess what… SHE WASN’T PREGNANT! So, it looks like I am going to be getting years and years of wear out of this dress, and I am thrilled!

PinkBlushMaternity Logo

So, if you are loving this dress (and the whole PinkBlush site) as much as I do, my first thing I’ll tell you is GO GET SOMETHING FROM THEM! Their prices are absolutely incredible, especially considering the value of their clothes. Plus, I love the trendy styles of their clothes!

You could also just enter this giveaway to win a $25 gift certificate to anything on their site. Eek! How cool is that! Plus, you don’t have to be preggers to win! Remember, I’m totally wearing my dress post-baby! There are lots of ways that you can win, so complete as many entries as you feel comfortable doing. I will be verifying each entry, so no cheating! Please note that anyone who has won a giveaway from in the last 6 months or has hosted a giveaway in the past 6 months is ineligible to win.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

***This giveaway has ended. Congrats to Renata K!***