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Ever since I was pregnant with my twins, I have been a blogger with How Do You Do It?, a blog for parents of multiples. I can’t even begin to express what this group of women has given to me: a community of support, gifted writers willing to share their lives and experiences, and individual women who have become such dear friends. It even led me to my great friend Angela and now business partner with my Young Living business (Healthier Oil the Thyme). I have depended on these women and their words so much in the last couple of years. Being a mom is hard. Being a new mom is even harder. Being a new mom of multiples is harder still. Yet each and every one has given me the confidence that I needed to become the mom that I am today.

Today has been a bittersweet day. My last post went live for HDYDI, called “Twinfant Tuesday: Gender Differences in Infancy.” After over two years of contributing, I realized that I needed to take something off of my plate. It wasn’t an easy decision, but it was one that I needed to do for me, my family, and my other commitments. I knew that I just couldn’t keep it up and give the type of posts that I wanted to contribute.

So today, in honor of my last post, I wanted to just say two words to my HDYDI mamas: thank you. I love you all so much, those who I have had the pleasure of working with directly, and those who are new to the team. I love you for what you have given our twin community: strength, communication, assurance, support, and motherly love. Thank you for sharing your hearts and children with us, and thank you for what you continue to do for us. And I wanted to especially say some words about Sadia, who has kept HDYDI going. She is our (and my) rock and cheerleader. Sadia, I can’t wait to meet you in person one day and give you and your girls a big, huge hug. Your friendship will mean more to me than you know.

You just don’t know what inner strength is until you meet a Mom of Multiples.

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Prematurity Awareness Week at HDYDI.com




Prematurity Awareness Week 2013: How Do You Do It?

As I discussed in an earlier post, I have become a regular contributor to the blog How Do You Do It? (hdydi.com). I am so proud and excited to be a part of something so special, and it has gotten me together with other moms of multiples from all around the country. These women are incredible, and I am about to join them on this amazing adventure of Multiple Mommyhood! How lucky am I to have a great, knowledgable support system?!

Most of my posts are published on Mondays (I started the series Make-It Mondays on their blog) or Thursdays (other pregnancy-related topics), although sometimes my posts go live another day.

This week is especially special and poignant to me, however, as it is Prematurity Awareness Week 2013 at HDYDI.com, which we have lined up with World Prematurity Day (November 17), led by the March of Dimes.

As many of you know, we are days (hours?) away from meeting our little peanuts,. By a normal singleton pregnancy calendar, they would be considered “preemies” at 35-36 weeks gestational age. Of course, this is a fantastic age for twins, but we have still been preparing ourselves for possible NICU time because of their young birth age and possible weight (although all estimates show that they will be a great 5lb+ weight). The inspiration that I have gotten from the posts from this week have helped me to become less scared of this possibility.

So please, get comfortable and travel over to HDYDI.com and take a look at some of the posts about birth stories, NICU time, and other premature birth topics. I think you will find it just as inspiring as I did.

Prematurity Awareness Week 2013: How Do You Do It?

World Prematurity Day November 17In the United States, 1 in 9 babies is born prematurely, 1 in 10 in Canada. Worldwide, over 15 million babies are born too soon each year. While not all multiples are born prematurely, a multiple birth increases the probability of an early delivery. Babies born prematurely, before 37 weeks gestation, are at a higher risk for health complications in infancy, some of which can have long-term effects. Full-term infants are not all free from their own health complications, of course.

In honor of November’s Prematurity Awareness Month, led by the March of Dimes, How Do You Do It? is focusing this week’s posts on The Moms’ experiences with premature deliveries, NICU stays, health complications, special needs, and how we’ve dealt with these complex issues.

How Do You Do It? New Author

I am so excited to post here on Doyle Dispatch that I recently started something exciting. I am a new author on the Moms of Multiples blog How Do You Do It? (hdydi.com).

How Do You Do It?

I am thrilled to join an incredible group of women, writing about their lives with their twins, triplets, and beyond. These women are from all over, and we all have various levels of experience. I’m excited to add posts about my pregnancy and craft projects right now. Once the babies are here, I can add more about being a first-time-mom to twins.

So, come on over and check us out! You can see my following posts so far:

Author’s Page

New Author Introduction: Dory

Information About Twins