Deep Covered Baker Pot Roast

Back in March, I bought the Pampered Chef Deep Covered Baker off of a local sell site. It was brand new and MUCH cheaper than if I got it from Pampered Chef. Score for the discount shopper!

Deep Covered Baker Pot Roast Recipe - Doyle Dispatch

Then I got pregnant and had the dreaded morning all-day sickness.

Then, this summer, I got over the nausea and could cook again. So, I pulled out my DCB and decided to make my first meal in it: pot roast.

Are you ready for how easy it was? Get ready! No really, you may want to sit down for this. And then rush out to get the ingredients to make this yourself.

1. If it is the first time you are using the DCB, just wipe some olive oil on the inside of it to season it. Then you are good to go!

2. Add the ingredients to your DCB. I used a shoulder cut of beef, cream of onion soup, chopped celery, carrots, salt, and pepper.

Deep Covered Baker Pot Roast Recipe - Doyle Dispatch


3. Cover and cook at 325 degrees for 2 hours. We checked the temperature with a meat thermometer to make sure it was done enough.
Deep Covered Baker Pot Roast Recipe - Doyle Dispatch


4. We served it over a bed of rice pilaf to add some more flavor, although that was totally unnecessary. It had so much flavor on its own. Deep Covered Baker Pot Roast Recipe - Doyle Dispatch


If you are looking for other recipes, check out my list of recipes. You can also check out my Deep Covered Baker Pinterest Board.



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Dessert Chocolate Chip Cheese Ball

For my bridal shower (4 years ago!!?!), we had a wonderful spread of delicious foods. Of course, I was such a bundle of nerves, and I barely ate any of it. Thankfully, one of my shower gifts was recipes from each of the guests. This is one from my sister-in-law and Maid of Honor, Kathleen. I believe it was a recipe originally from my future sister-in-law’s family (Tim’s brother’s fiancee).

Chocolate Chip Cheese Ball!

This is another recipe that I haven’t made in ages, however it was a request from a friend for a surprise birthday party.

1 8oz package of cream cheese softened
1/2 cup butter softened (no substitutes)
1/4 tsp vanilla
1 cup confectioners sugar
1 tbs brown sugar
1 12oz bag of mini chocolate chips
chocolate Graham crackers


1. In a bowl, beat the cream cheese, butter, and vanilla until fluffy.



2. Gradually add sugars.


3. Stir in 3/4 cup chocolate chips.

4. Cover and refrigerate for at least 2 hours.

5. Place mixture on a piece of plastic wrap and shape into a ball. Refrigerate for at least 1 hour.

6. Just before serving, roll the ball in the rest of the chocolate chips. Serve with Graham crackers.

The secret is beating it with the mixer until it is good and creamy. If it is not as stiff as you would like, you can add more confectioners sugar.

So, I forgot to take a picture of the cheese ball before it was served, but here it is after only a few minutes out. Can you tell it was a hit?

(insert a mental picture of me smiling very big)


In this picture, you can also see my gift for the birthday girl: a new vinyl dish with her name on it.


Marshmallow Cheesecake

This week, it was my wonderful mother-in-law’s birthday. Pat is a truly kind, giving, loving person, and I feel so lucky to have her in my life. From the moment that Tim and I started dating, she completely took me in as another daughter, and it has stayed that way for 10 years. Although we weren’t able to celebrate with Pat on her actual birthday, we came into town this weekend to spend some quality family time with her (and all of the Doyles).


My mother-in-law Pat and me on my wedding day

With a birthday, it also gave me a great excuse to try out a new recipe that I found on Pinterest for a marshmallow cheesecake. Mmmmm!

It was incredibly simple to make, and it only had a few ingredients. I kept over-thinking the recipe, as it couldn’t possibly be this easy. It was!


2 packages of cream cheese

1 bag of marshmallows

3/4 cup of milk (I used almond milk)

1 tub of whipped topping

2 pie crusts (homemade or pre-made store-bought)

*Chocolate chips or other mixers as desired




In a large bowl, whip the 2 packages of cream cheese until fluffy.



In a medium sauce pan, mix the milk and bag of marshmallows. It will look like the marshmallows will spill over, but they will cook down.


Sneak a marshmallow or two (just to make sure they taste okay).


Cook over medium-low heat until the marshmallows are completely melted (about 10 minutes). Make sure to stir throughout.




Once the marshmallows are melted, remove the sauce pan from the heat and allow to cool slightly. The original directions just said wait until they are cool, but I was impatient and just let it cool a little before going to the next step. The consistency is like a soupy pancake batter.


Pour the marshmallow/milk mixture into the bowl with the cream cheese. Mix together.

Add in the whipped topping and fold. I tried using a special attachment on my mixer, but it didn’t work well, so I ended up just manually folding the mixture with a spatula.


We tried the batter (no eggs, so it’s safe to eat), and both Tim and I thought it needed a little more sweetness. We grabbed some chocolate chips and put in about 3/4 cup of them.

(Along the way, I realized that we needed another pie crust, as the original recipe only called for one pie crust, but there was a TON of batter. I quickly mashed up some ginger snaps, mixed in melted butter, cooked it for a few minutes in the oven, and I had another pie crust.)


The last step was just to pour the batter into the pie crusts, stick in the fridge, and let them set. I believe ours were in the fridge for about 1.5-2 hours and they were good to go.


I was nervous actually bringing a new recipe, as I had no idea how it would turn out.



Thank goodness it was absolutely delicious. I can’t wait to make this easy recipe again. All of these cooking successes lately have made me actually enjoy being in the kitchen!

Marshmallow Cheesecake