Repainting a Brass Headboard

How to Paint a Brass Headboard
I belong to a local buy/sell/trade group, and when I saw someone post a full-size brass headboard, my brain started turning. I realized that I could totally repaint it a fun, bright color and finally have a finished look in our guest room.

To be honest, I wouldn’t have looked twice, except for the list price for the headboard was only $20. We talked them down to $15. Then, with about $30 in spray paint and primer, I had only spent a total of $45 for this entire project.

To paint a brass headboard, you will need the following:

  • primer (we used 2 cans of Rust-Oleum 2x Ultra Cover Flat White Primer)
  • paint (we used 2 cans of Rust-Oleum Coral Spray Paint)
  • drop cloth
  • extra-fine steel wool
  • optional: spray paint comfort grip

It truly couldn’t be easier to complete the project:

1. Layout the drop cloth and headboard.


2. Rub the steel wool across all surfaces to create an abrasion and give something for the paint to stick to. Wipe with a dry rag to remove any dust.


3. Spray the primer over one side in long strokes. Let dry for 1 hour (if a non-humid day) or as detailed on the paint can.


4. Spray the primer on the other side. Let dry for 24 hours (if non-humid) or as detailed on the paint can.



5. Spray the paint over one side. Let dry for an hour.


6. Spray the paint on the other side. Let dry overnight.

7. Check for any spots for touchups.

8. Attach to bed frame once the paint has dried for at least 24-48 hours. We waited until the paint smell went away a little bit too.IMG_5947

Fitted Tablecloth Tutorial


Last week, I created a fitted tablecloth for our kitchen table, and I love it! I was so tired of constantly scrubbing the table to get the the food off of it, and this makes it so much easier. It was really quite simple as well.

For the cloth, we have a few different ones (oil cloth, cotton, lined vinyl), but the important thing is to get something that is wide enough and washable.


  • Fabric that is 6 inches wider and longer than your table (ex: if you table is a 36″ circle, you would get the width and length to each be 42″)
  • 1/4 inch elastic (enough to go around the perimeter, though you won’t use that much of it).
  • a sewing machine


1. Turn your cloth upside down on your table and trace around the edge with a pencil.

Fitted Tablecloth Outline

2. Cut the material with a 3″ border past the pencil mark. I used my pinking shears for an easier cut so I didn’t have to serge or hem anything yet.

Fitted Tablecloth Stretching Elastic

3. Using a zigzag stitch, pull the elastic tight with one hand and feed through the machine close to the border with the other hand. This will give a nice tight fit.

Fitted Tablecloth Finished Elastic

4. Fit around your table and enjoy your protected tablecloth!

Easy Felt Garland Tutorial

I’ve now made a couple of felt garlands for various reasons. One of them, I can’t share with you… yet.

The other is one that I made for our playroom. To be honest, I saw it on Pinterest, loved the idea, bought the felt (I love how cheap felt is!), and then realized that I really didn’t have a place for it. I only found a home for it after it was made. More on that later.

The tutorial:

  • Cut the circles (or whatever shape you want to use).
  • Figure out the color pattern you want.

Felt Garland Tutorial -

  • Sew through the circles in whatever color you want to use (I chose slightly off-white).

Felt Garland Tutorial -

  • Overlap the circles slightly.

Felt Garland Tutorial -

Felt Garland Tutorial -

  • Leave yourself extra thread on either end to use to help hang it up.

Seriously, you can’t get much easier than that! The hardest part is cutting out the felt! I recommend to use a good pair of sewing scissors/shears that are meant for fabric. So. Much. Easier!

Felt Garland Tutorial -
Now, back to what we are going to do with them. We will be using them in our playroom as a border to go around the chalkboard wall. They fit perfectly! I can’t wait to show it off when we are finished!


Do you have a tutorial that you want to share? Leave a link in the comment so I can check it out!

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DIY Pacifier Clip

Easy DIY Pacifier Clips -

I have a lot of extra fabric just sitting around my craft room. I mean… a lot. So, I thought I would start doing some smaller projects to help get rid of my stash. Enjoy this tutorial!

1. Start by laying out your fabric and ironing it.
DIY Pacifier Holder -









2. Cut your fabric so that it is 15″ long and just under 4″ wide (mine was 3 and 7/8 inches wide).

DIY Pacifier Holder -


3. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise (hotdog style) and iron to create a crease.

DIY Pacifier Holder -


4. Unfold to show the underside and the crease.

DIY Pacifier Holder -


5. Fold one side towards the center crease and iron.

DIY Pacifier Holder -

6. Fold the other side towards the center crease and iron. Make sure they do not get folded all the way to the crease.

DIY Pacifier Holder -


7. Fold the end over and iron to form a crease. Do this on both ends.

DIY Pacifier Holder -

8. Fold down the center crease again and iron the entire piece flat.

DIY Pacifier Holder -

9. Sew around the entire rectangle.

DIY Pacifier Holder -

10. Clip any hanging threads. Make sure that everything is secure.

DIY Pacifier Holder - DoyleDispatch.comDIY Pacifier Holder -


11. Open your package of suspender/mitten clips.

DIY Pacifier Holder -

12. Fold one of the ends through the clip, leaving about 1 inch of material as a “tail.” Sew it.

DIY Pacifier Holder -

13. Sew the rest of the “tail” down to secure. The pictures below show the back and front.

DIY Pacifier Holder - DoyleDispatch.comDIY Pacifier Holder - 

14. Identify your snaps (left: male, right: female, not pictured: prongs). I always have trouble figuring out which is the back side and which is the correct side of the female part of the snap. Some people talk about the part the sticks up, but the snaps that I use don’t have an easily-identified side like this. I’ve finally figured it out, though. There is a side that looks like flower petals inside. That is the “correct” side of the snap, and the other side is the backside that will attach to the prongs. 

DIY Pacifier Holder - DoyleDispatch.comDIY Pacifier Holder -

15. Using your snap attacher (I’ve used a few, and I prefer the SnapSetter tool), attach the snaps so that there is a little fold-over.

DIY Pacifier Holder -

16. There you go! One pacifier clip ready to go!

DIY Pacifier Holder -

DIY Pacifier Holder -

DIY Pacifier Holder -

You can tell that I got on a roll and made a few. Once you make one, you will realize how easy it is. What a great baby shower gift!

DIY Pacifier Holder - DoyleDispatch.comDIY Pacifier Holder -






DIY Bath Time Towel Apron

DIY Bath Time Towel Apron by DoyleDispatch.comOk, so you’ve seen these on Pinterest: the towels that look like aprons that you can use for bath time. So cute!

And if you have heard stories about my Papa Alan, you probably also know that we have the largest collection of hotel towels in the world (because he always brought us these towels as a sign that he was leaving town).

So, what do you do with these extra towels? Make a bath time towel apron for Baby Boy and Baby Girl!


1. Lay out your towel as flat as possible.

DIY Bath Time Towel Apron (Tutorial) -

2. Lay out an apron that you like on top of it. I used one of my Thirty-One aprons (don’t the patterns just make you so happy?)

DIY Bath Time Towel Apron (Tutorial) -

3. Fold over both the towel and apron in half. This will help you so that you only have to cut once, and it will stay symmetrical.

DIY Bath Time Towel Apron (Tutorial) -

4. Cut out the top portion like so.

DIY Bath Time Towel Apron (Tutorial) -

5. I found that I needed the top to angle in a little bit more, so I did a bit more trimming.

DIY Bath Time Towel Apron (Tutorial) -

DIY Bath Time Towel Apron (Tutorial) -

6. Cut out a length of fabric (the width is your choice) to fit on the top of the apron. This is just for decoration. The wider section will be sewed onto the front, and the thinner section is sewed onto the back.

DIY Bath Time Towel Apron (Tutorial) -


Fold over the sides onto the back.


DIY Bath Time Towel Apron (Tutorial) -


The back will look like this when it is pinned:

DIY Bath Time Towel Apron (Tutorial) -


The front looks like this when pinned:

DIY Bath Time Towel Apron (Tutorial) -

7. Cut out two long strips of colorful fabric. Make them as long as you can. You will want them to be about 3 inches wide.

DIY Bath Time Towel Apron (Tutorial) -

7. Fold the edges over and iron to form creases.

DIY Bath Time Towel Apron (Tutorial) -

8. Fold both sections over and sew onto your towel apron. This will be the underarms and the ties.

DIY Bath Time Towel Apron (Tutorial) -

9. Sew on some ribbon (or rickrack) to tie it around your neck.

DIY Bath Time Towel Apron (Tutorial) -

10. Enjoy your towel apron! If you have girl/boy twins like me, you will want to make a second one (not pictured) so that the second bather won’t be stuck with a wet towel. You can call me a thoughtful mom!

DIY Bath Time Towel Apron (Tutorial) -
DIY Bath Time Towel Apron (Tutorial) -


Feeling ambitious? You can also add some pockets at the bottom to hold some bathing goodies.



This tutorial has been featured on Totally Tutorials.

Totally Tutorials Blog

Planning a Bridal Shower

On October 4, my brother-in-law (Tim’s brother Kevin) is getting married to his college sweetheart Lauryn. We are excited for their Castle Hill wedding (more on that later), but first thing’s first: A BRIDAL SHOWER!

Now, let me start by saying that Lauryn loves surprises. Surprises aren’t my thing when planning for one big reason: I like to be able to bounce ideas with the recipient/client so I know that they are happy with all of the details. So, all we could do is just think about what we thought Lauryn would like and go with that.

In addition, her aunt threw her a surprise shower the weekend before, which meant that we have no idea what dream details would be there. So, Tim’s mom, sister, and I had to be creative with how we were going to do this.


Ah, I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. For the party planner, it can be the best thing for getting ideas. It can also be the most stressful, as you have to control your urges to love and pin everything imaginable.

There is a nice, new-ish feature on Pinterest, however: The Secret Board! This was critical when planning for this shower. I could collect all of our ideas in one board, and Lauryn would have no idea what we had found!

You can see our now-not-secret board here:

The Mood Board:

While this is not a necessary step, for a visual learner like me, I really wanted to have some way to organize all of my thoughts and ideas into one place. After talking with both Tim’s mom and his sister to share ideas, I went ahead and put this together:

Bridal Shower Mood Board -

While it is not showing all of the details (and it includes a few things that were later cut), this was the last version that I created before The Big Day Party.


The To-Do List:

Every Party Planner needs a To Do List, and this was no different. Here is a modified list, and it hopefully will help some of you DIY Party Planners getting ready for a bridal shower.

1. Pick a date and time: August 4 brunch (with an hour before and after for set-up/clean-up

2. Pick a location: a local clubhouse in Cville

3. Finalize the guest list: guest list planned, names checked with Lauryn’s mom to be sure we didn’t leave anyone out, and addresses collected  

4. Pick the theme: bright pink and surrounded by love

5. Purchase/make invitations: Tim’s mom will take care of this

6. Pick the sweet foods and who is bringing them: I am in charge of the cake

7. Pick the savory foods and who is bringing them: Tim’s mom is handling the bagels, cream cheese, humus, salsa, chips, nuts, and finger sandwiches. We have other family friends bringing mini hotdogs and some other dishes.

8. Pick the fresh foods (fruit and veggies) and who is bringing them: Family friends are bringing the fruit salad and other fresh items.

9. Pick the drinks and containers and who is bringing them: Tim’s mom is bringing the drink dispenser and pink lemonade. I am bringing another drink dispenser and the infused water.

10. Decide on the table decorations: gold-colored tablecloths from Party City, mason jars filled with DIY paper flowers

11. Decide on the hanging decorations: bright pink paper flowers, streamers, and hanging fans via Hobby Lobby. 

12. Pick and coordinate Game #1: “Don’t Say It” where the guests can’t say “bride, groom, wedding, or Big Day” or they lose a ring. The most rings wins!

13. Pick and coordinate Game #2: Quiz game comparing the answers between Kevin and Lauryn

14. Purchase the “guestbook:” Jenga game for writing wedding advice and make a sign for directions

15. Purchase the recipe cards for the invitations: Tim’s mom is handling this

16. Buy utensils: hot pink, thanks to Party City

17. Buy plates: hot pink with damask design, thanks to Party City

18. Buy cups: mason jars with cupcake liners and pink straws sticking out

19. Buy napkins: hot pink with damask design, thanks to Party City

20. Buy favors: DIY “S’more Love” packets

21. Make the lace crown for Lauryn: changed to a glitter lace-like crown

22. Make props for the photo booth: thanks to my Silhouette, these didn’t take too long, and they were really cute

23. Get fabric for photo booth: pink chevron at JoAnn Fabric

24. Get camera ready for photo booth: I practiced with my tripod and remote control the night before


Have a Hoppy Spring Silhouette Tutorial

You would never believe that with the snow that we have had in Virginia, we are into our first full week of spring. Crazy, right?

Well, it is! And to continue the decoration that I started with my Luck o’ the Irish sign, I thought that we needed one for the springtime. Since I am Jewish and Tim is Christian, I didn’t want a purely Easter sign (although I love the pastel colors), so I decided to use the colors and have a bunny theme. Hey, normally I try to keep it far from feminine in our house, but this is my one corner to cutesy it out.

Have a Hoppy Spring - The Doyle Dispatch

So, I used the essentially the same steps as I originally found on The Sensory Emporium, but I wanted to write my own tutorial since I have changed a few things.

Silhouette Studio Offsetting & Shape Words - The Doyle Dispatch

Start by piecing out the words that you will want to use. I have “Have a,” then “hoppy” will go inside the bunny (so I saved it for later), and then “spring.” You can also see that I was playing around with what I wanted my bunny to look like. I found these images through a Google search (you can actually do a safe search to be sure that you are allowed to use the images), then I traced them. To find directions on tracing shapes, look at my tutorial hereHave a Hoppy Spring Tutorial - The Doyle Dispatch

Next, I wrote “HOPPY” in all capital letters and placed it inside the bunny.Have a Hoppy Spring Tutorial - The Doyle Dispatch

Then I chose my font and readjusted the size. I am currently obsessed with Oh {Photo} Shoot!, which I believe I got for free from a Hoppy Spring Tutorial - The Doyle Dispatch

Then, I ungrouped the letters, which allows me to move, resize, and alter each letter individually.

Have a Hoppy Spring Tutorial - The Doyle Dispatch

Before I did too much readjusting, I duplicated Mr. Bunny, as I would need another copy of him later. I then readjusted all of the letters so that they will go past the outline of the bunny.
Have a Hoppy Spring Tutorial - The Doyle Dispatch

Next, I selected the image of the bunny and all of the letters and clicked Object –> Modify –> Crop.
Have a Hoppy Spring Tutorial - The Doyle Dispatch

As you can see, this then cuts off all of the extra parts of the letter that are outside of the bunny. This also gets rid of the bunny (which is why you needed to have an extra copy of him earlier).Have a Hoppy Spring Tutorial - The Doyle Dispatch Have a Hoppy Spring Tutorial - The Doyle Dispatch

Then, you can slide the duplicated bunny over again and do some last adjusting of the letters. Have a Hoppy Spring Tutorial - The Doyle Dispatch

This isn’t the most simplistic font, so I had to clean up a few points.Have a Hoppy Spring Tutorial - The Doyle Dispatch

Then, I figured out what I wanted to cut on one color of my vinyl and I put it on the page. Have a Hoppy Spring Tutorial - The Doyle Dispatch

I always like using as little vinyl as possible, so I get creative with my spacing.

Have a Hoppy Spring Tutorial - The Doyle Dispatch

Once that was cut out, I realized that I wanted a little extra to the finished sign, so I highlighted the text and used the offset tool to outline the letters. Have a Hoppy Spring Tutorial - The Doyle Dispatch

Then, I sent these backgrounds to the cutter. Have a Hoppy Spring Tutorial - The Doyle DispatchI am so excited with how it turned out!

Have a Hoppy Spring - The Doyle Dispatch

No Spend Pin Day

No Spend Pin Day @ The Doyle Dispatch

As Tim has mentioned in his debut post, we are working at being thrifty and staying on a budget. This is easier said than done, as one of my greatest obsessions is Pinterest. Oh, how I could get lost in it for hours! Of course, the things that I love the most are the DIY projects that other bloggers/crafters come up with. I see them and I want to make them too!

One of my biggest troubles is how to recreate my favorite pins, but while not spend a cent.

So, I am starting a blog link-up called “No Spend Pins.” The idea is that we all have things laying around our house that are just begging to be turned into a project. Here’s our chance! To make it a reality, I’ll say that you can spend $5 on the project (plus whatever is already at your house). To participate, you don’t even have to make it (although that is the eventual idea).

This is easy to participate in! Here’s how you do it:

1. Create and publish a post on your blog that links to your favorite Pin (or original author), explaining how you can make it work in $5 or less. You don’t have to actually recreate the pinned project, but that would be a bonus. Don’t have a blog? Just paste the URL of your selected pin in a comment and explain how you would do it.

2. Link up below. Make sure to link directly to your blog post instead of your entire blog.

3. Make sure to put the link-up button on your post, linking back to this blog post. You can find the link-up button on the right sidebar. —–>
Each week, I will post a new link-up button that will link back to the specific post. To use it, simply copy the code and paste it into your blog post (if you use WordPress, it is the “Text” option, not “Visual”.

No Spend Pin Day @ The Doyle Dispatch

Thanks for participating and being thrifty! I will chose my favorite to be featured on The Doyle Dispatch (free advertising!).

Here’s my No Spend Pin for this week!

Share Your Crafts!

How fun! I was invited to be a part of a crafting group to share the crafts that we’ve made on a joint Pinterest board. It has lots of great ideas all in one place!

Check it out:

Pinterest Button


A Hand-Made Sign

I am so excited that my business, Personally Yours, seems to be taking off. I have my beautiful new business cards and Facebook Page, and I even have the customers!

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 2.47.51 PM Screen Shot 2012-12-30 at 6.32.47 PM

My same wonderful friend (E) who “commissioned” me (doesn’t that sound so official?) to make these tags for her daughter’s birthday party also requested that I make a sign for her house based on this sign:

Blessing Sign by Aimee Weaver Designs

Blessing Sign by Aimee Weaver Designs

I love making items for E, because she is so easy-going and laid back about it. She just wanted it to be an off-white sign and black lettering with the same idea of making the “food,” “family,” and “love” in different fonts. The only other contingency was that it needed the sign to be 6″ x 60″. This is for the space above her kitchen window, and although she had extra space there, she knew that it needed to fit in that size to make it work and be able to be seen. What a challenge! I love challenges!

So, I went shopping for the background and we found that Home Depot sells great pieces of wood in their hardwoods and plywood. It was already cut in a 6×48 section, and I knew that it was perfect. Yes, it’s not the full 60″, but I felt after seeing it that any larger would be too disproportionate.

I got some Glidden flat wall paint in the sample size (plus, I have a ton left over for more projects later) in an off-white color, and I was good to go. Just a couple of coats of paint, some Oracal 651 vinyl, and I was finished! Now, I just have to drill some holes so that we can tie ribbon to it to hang. I am so pleased with how it turned out.


Maybe once it’s up, I can get a picture of it in place!