A Month of Gratitude: Teamwork, Family, and Fresh Haircuts

So many things to be thankful for this weekend!

A Month of Gratitude - DoyleDispatch.com

On Friday, I co-taught an online class with some amazing crossline members of Young Living. Many of them had never taught an online class before, and they rocked it! We were able to launch a new class for our team and these amazing women were able to gain experience and become confident YL educators.

On Saturday, we traveled to our hometown to visit Tim’s cousin, her husband, and her new baby, as they were visiting from New Jersey. It was so fantastic to see them and let Audrey and David meet their new cousin. Audrey kept wanting to hold Baby Liv, and David wanted Baby Liv to hold his trains (um… he must have been in love to want to share his Percy train!).


Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 10.02.08 PM

Today was haircut day! Tim’s cousin is an amazing hair stylist in NJ, and when she came down here, we had Audrey and David get their first haircuts! It was the best experience. We timed it so that A & D were having lunch, and they were so happy throughout the whole haircut. How often does that happen that we have such a great experience for a first haircut.

Audrey's First Haircut

David's First Haircut


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Family from California!

We were so lucky to have my Aunt Sherry (my mom’s sister) and Uncle Jeff come to the east coast from their home near San Francisco along with my cousin Jessie, her husband Mike, and their 5 week old daughter Matix.

We have been really fortunate to see them every summer for 3 summers in a row, even though the first summer was sadly because of my grandfather’s sudden death, and last summer was because of Papa Alan (and his twin brother Marshall)’s stone setting. This summer, though, was because of a happy circumstance! Sherry came to Cleveland for a friend’s wedding, and the whole family decided to come along and take the drive down to Virginia to see us, meet the twins, and we could meet Jessie’s baby too!

They could only be here for a short visit, but it was wonderful to see each other, pass the babies around, trade mommy stories, and just be together to celebrate life and happiness!

My mom and David:

CA Family Visit 2014

Uncle Jeff and his granddaughter Matix:CA Family Visit 2014

My mom and David in the background and Aunt Sherry and Audrey in front:

CA Family Visit 2014

Baby Matix asleep:

CA Family Visit 2014

Uncle Jeff and Audrey making faces at each other:CA Family Visit 2014

Daddy and David cuddles:CA Family Visit 2014

Matix and her daddy Mike on the couch:

CA Family Visit 2014

The two new sets of parents and their babies. Jessie and I are about the same difference in age as the twins and Matix:

CA Family Visit 2014

Uncle Jeff and David:

CA Family Visit 2014

Sweet love:

CA Family Visit 2014

We loved Matix’s faces in these pictures:

CA Family Visit 2014

CA Family Visit 2014

CA Family Visit 2014

Sherry and Jeff and Audrey and David:

CA Family Visit 2014