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Ever since I was pregnant with my twins, I have been a blogger with How Do You Do It?, a blog for parents of multiples. I can’t even begin to express what this group of women has given to me: a community of support, gifted writers willing to share their lives and experiences, and individual women who have become such dear friends. It even led me to my great friend Angela and now business partner with my Young Living business (Healthier Oil the Thyme). I have depended on these women and their words so much in the last couple of years. Being a mom is hard. Being a new mom is even harder. Being a new mom of multiples is harder still. Yet each and every one has given me the confidence that I needed to become the mom that I am today.

Today has been a bittersweet day. My last post went live for HDYDI, called “Twinfant Tuesday: Gender Differences in Infancy.” After over two years of contributing, I realized that I needed to take something off of my plate. It wasn’t an easy decision, but it was one that I needed to do for me, my family, and my other commitments. I knew that I just couldn’t keep it up and give the type of posts that I wanted to contribute.

So today, in honor of my last post, I wanted to just say two words to my HDYDI mamas: thank you. I love you all so much, those who I have had the pleasure of working with directly, and those who are new to the team. I love you for what you have given our twin community: strength, communication, assurance, support, and motherly love. Thank you for sharing your hearts and children with us, and thank you for what you continue to do for us. And I wanted to especially say some words about Sadia, who has kept HDYDI going. She is our (and my) rock and cheerleader. Sadia, I can’t wait to meet you in person one day and give you and your girls a big, huge hug. Your friendship will mean more to me than you know.

You just don’t know what inner strength is until you meet a Mom of Multiples.

A Month of Gratitude - DoyleDispatch.com


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Tips for Using and Broadcasting on Periscope

Periscope. Have you heard of this great new tool for sharing a part of your life live with the world? It is nothing short of addicting, and so relevant for small business owners, travelers, reviewers, DIYers, and even moms wanting to show off their kids. It has live broadcasts that allow you to tune in and watch, and if you are following the broadcaster, you can also watch their old videos afterwards (for a limited time).

In order to use it and get the most from it, there is definitely a learning curve. I have picked up a few tips from Alana Bookhout (@OilTheTime), other intro videos, blogs, my own experience, and some other research. I hope this can help you get started!

Tips and Tricks for Using and Broadcasting Periscope DoyleDispatch.com

For All Users:

Profile: Put a profile picture up and make sure to have a catchy description. This is especially important if you want to have followers.

Sharing a Video: Swipe to the right to share (Apple). Swipe up if you have an Android.

Showing Love: Tap the screen for hearts. It’s like “social currency” to give support the video that you are watching. The color of your heart corresponds to the shade of your profile picture. It is a new color for every broadcast. Those hearts give credibility and status for the broadcaster.

Comments: Comments scroll quickly. If you have a question that you want answered, copy it before you send it, so you can paste it if the broadcaster doesn’t answer it.

Want More? If you like the broadcaster, you can swipe the screen during a broadcast to follow that person.

Miss a Video? You can always watch the video after the fact with replays!

Hosting a Broadcast:

Titling: Make sure that you have a catchy title (with emoticons). You want to draw in potential viewers to your video.

Share Right Away: Click the Twitter bird so Twitter followers will see that you are doing a broadcast. You can also post on Facebook and other social media ahead of a broadcast if you don’t have a lot of followers right away.

Thumbnail Image: The first 1-2 seconds will be your thumbnail. Make it catchy. It automatically shows the back side of the camera, so you may want to have an image ready for it to focus on.

Centering the Screen: Make sure your head it focused on the top half of the screen. If it is on the lower half, your face will be covered with comments and hearts.

Engagement: Engage fairly quickly for replay viewers. Make sure that you have relevant info, engaging content, and is overall entertaining. You can block or limit comments either on the original video or on the replay. You may also want to give a call to action at the end of your broadcast.

Keep It Steady: Use a phone stand (either one that you can purchase or just something to prop up the phone) so that your phone doesn’t shake too much.

Got Trolls? You can click on a nasty comment and block that person.

Gain Followers: Ask people to follow and share during your broadcast. Explain how to do that for those that are new to Periscope.

Fun: Make jokes. Have fun. Make it a great experience for everyone and they will come back.

Timing: In my opinion short and sweet is better than long and winded. That’s hard for someone like me who loves to talk, but I know that I can watch at most 10-20 minutes. Any longer than that and I can’t get through the whole video in one sitting (and Periscope doesn’t allow you to jump around the video).

Flipping the Camera: If you flip the camera, there will be a delay with the microphone. Pause for that.


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