Review: Binsi Birth Skirt and Extras

*I received the items below for review. All thoughts are 100% my own.*

I am thrilled to introduce something that is perfect for the birthing experience and beyond: the BINSI!

Here is something about the BINSI company:

“We’re a small-but-growing company founded and firmly grounded in a desire to help women feel beautiful, powerful, healthy and in control as they enter their amazing journey into motherhood.

A letter from Carri, owner and founder of Binsi Inc.:

At the birth of my first child, I wore a standard hospital gown. Clinical, uncomfortable and immodest! I felt like a patient: scared, powerless and at the mercy of others; not a healthy excited woman about to become a mother. Later, as a doula, I learned to help other women feel more confident and comfortable through labor and so began the idea of Binsi.

I wore the first Binsi skirt at the birth of my second child. It changed everthing for me. I made skirts for my clients. I gave them as gifts. And suddenly, I had a company firmly grounded in my desire to help women feel beautiful, powerful and in control as they enter their amazing journey into motherhood.

I hope that you too will have a beautiful and fulfilling birth experience.”

I knew from early in my pregnancy that I would have a few non-negotiables. 1. I would be giving birth in an operating room, even if we didn’t need to do a c-section. 2. I would be having an epidural, because they needed me to be ready for anything after Baby A arrived. 3. I would have constant monitoring, to make sure that neither of the babies went into distress. 4. From early on, I would be prepped for an IV, so they would have easy access.

All of these made me realize that I had to be pretty go-with-the-flow with the whole thing. Still, I really wanted to try having my own clothes for the process, just to make it seem more normal. In addition, I knew that if I were too warm, I would feel nauseous, and by having just a skirt and bra on, that would help me to stay cool.

As you will see from our Birth Story post (when we are finished writing it and are able to post it), unfortunately I wasn’t able to wear the skirt during labor or delivery, but that had nothing to do with the skirt itself. Frankly, I didn’t have time to put it on! Everything happened so fast, and by the time I knew that Friday, November 22 was The Day, we barely had enough time to call our parents, let alone go to the bathroom to change out of the hospital gown. This was my only regret from that entire day.

Still, I’ve worn the skirt plenty before giving birth and afterwards, so I feel like I can talk about how much I love it!

I have tried a few of the BINSI items, and here are my highly-positive thoughts about them:

This is the BINSI Prima Mama Original Birth Skirt. I originally saw a birthing skirt on one of the laboring mamas in the childbirth video from the class that we took, and I knew that I wanted one. After looking around, I found the BINSI, and it looked perfect! It is a great twill material with an adjustable drawstring waist. There are snaps down the entire front, so it can be removed easily if needed. It also has two slits on the sides for easy maneuverability during labor. Finally, it’s not too short or long, so you can still be modest when needed.

I checked with my hospital, and they were totally fine with me wearing it during labor, even if I were to have a c-section. Because of the material, it would have been easy as pie to clean (we know that labor and delivery can be a little messy). I love the way it fits, both before and after babies.

In addition to the Prima Mama Original, they sent me a couple extra items.

Next is the Hairdo-La, a stretchy hairband to help keep the hair out of my face. I love this, because I am not a fan of the plastic or tight headbands (can you say ouch-y headache?). This does what it needs to do, whether my hair is in a ponytail already or down. Plus, I will love to use this for years to come as a mommy hairstyle when I just don’t have time to wash, dry, and straighten my hair.

They also sent me some Labor Soothing Bath Salts, some combs, and a wonderful beaded bracelet. You can find the bath salts and combs as a part of the Go Time Bundle (although it includes much more than just these items).

I want to talk for a moment about these bath salts. They are incredible! When I was 35 weeks, I was preeeeeetty uncomfortable. My hips and pelvis were just one giant ache. I really couldn’t find too much relief. So, I drew a warm bath (I wanted it to be hot hot hot, but I knew that’s not allowed in pregnancy) and put in a couple of handfuls of the bath salts. Oh my, the smell instantly hit me and gave me this great sense of relaxation. It wasn’t too overwhelming, either. Just light and calming. Once I got in the water, I knew I was in heaven. The salt crystals had dissolved easily, and I was just surrounded by warm, delicious-smelling (but not overly so) water. Yes, heaven. Oh, and I’m not a bath person, so for me to say this, that is truly something.

I can imagine that, for a laboring mama, that bath would be incredible! Unfortunately, because of my twins, I knew that I would be constantly monitored, so I wouldn’t be able to do any baths at the hospital. That’s ok. I’ll happily use the bath salts at home!