A Month of Gratitude: Music

How often do we go through life just trying to make it through one day? How many times do we fail to remember and honor the small things, the things that made that day special, the little moments?

We are all guilty of this. As Audrey and David are now 20 months old, we are starting to think about what changes will be happening in the next 4 months and then when they are 2. Potty training… possibly moving to a big boy/girl bed… maybe even turning the car seat to face forward… walking without a stroller all the time. Can my little babies really be getting so big?

So in an effort to really stop and remember, I will be writing about things that I am grateful for. A month of gratitude. My goal is to write each day, even if it’s just a short little post. Let’s see what this month holds.

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Today I am grateful for music: those who are blessed musicians sharing their music with us, those sweet lullabies (sung by both professionals and Audrey right before she falls asleep), the pitch that David tries to match with the Sesame Street or Thomas songs, classical music which just permeates into your soul… Life is so much more full because of music.

I am writing this because we had the pleasure of having a private family/friends concert with my brother’s favorite band (and who he has been interning with all summer), David Wax Museum. It was a wonderful set, and it was even more special to see Josh and his friend Hannah sing and play along with them, totally where they were meant to be. We then drove home listening to a beautiful new CD of lullabies and classical music, helped with Audrey’s adorable voice trying to match the songs that she had never heard before.


Do you want to participate in A Month of Gratitude? You can either comment on each post or write something on your own, tagging it with #monthofgratitude. Let’s see if we can start something special!