Bedtime Routines (3-4 Months Old)

Bedtime Routines


In the last month or so, we have implemented a bedtime routine in the hopes that it would help the babies get through the dreaded 4-month sleep regression and other growing pains to come. Some days it helps, some days not so much, but we have found that we as parents really enjoy the bedtime routine. Now that we all understand what to expect, we have been able to be a bit more flexible with the time that we start/end bedtime, but actually having the routine set helps us immeasurably. This is the typical bedtime routine (again, times can change with this):

6:30 PM Babies’ Dinner (nursing session)

6:45 PM Changing diapers

6:50 PM Awake Activities (couch cuddle time, talking, play gym)

7:15 PM Mommy and Daddy Dinner Time (babies will be in the bouncer and MamaRoo while we eat)

7:45 PM Babies Get Fussy

7:55 PM Give In and Start Bath Time

  • Dory starts bath water and gets the bath situated with combs, shampoo/body wash, toys, washcloths, and water temperature.
  • Tim undresses Baby 1 (the fussier baby), puts coconut oil/Aquaphor on their heads (or any other dry or irritated patches).
  • Dory picks up Baby 1 from the nursery (with diaper on), brings to bathroom, takes off diaper, and bathes baby.
  • While Baby 1 bathes, Tim gets Baby 2 ready for bath time.
  • Dory brings back Baby 1 and picks up Baby 2 for bath time.
  • While Baby 2 bathes, Tim reapplies Aquaphor/coconut oil and dresses baby for bed.
  • Dory brings back Baby 2 (for Tim to dress for bed) and gets situated in chair for feeding.

8:15 PM Top-Off Feeding

8:35 PM Once finished eating, babies are burped and put down to sleep. We turn off the lights, turn on the white noise, kiss the babies goodnight, and then leave and close the door.


Overall, we really love our bedtime routine. We are able to get them nice and full with the two clustered feedings, we get some good cuddle time in the evenings, AND we can eat our dinner before we put them to sleep. We have found that we would rather not eat after they go to sleep, because it is too late and we just want to sleep ourselves at that time.

The only thing we are missing is reading bedtime stories to them. Yes, we could read to them after the baths or the feeding, but after baths, they are fussy (they get hungry- not because of the baths) and after they nurse, they are close to falling asleep (and we need to leave the room before they are asleep or we will have a mutiny in the middle of the night).

With this schedule, we have found that sometimes they are really tired. If they drift off to sleep, we sometimes let them and sometimes try to keep them awake, depending on how they napped during the day (if they napped well, we try to keep them awake, if they didn’t nap well, we let them snooze for a bit).

So, veteran moms and dads: What is your bedtime routine? When do you fit in stories for your kids? Help!


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DIY Bath Time Towel Apron

DIY Bath Time Towel Apron by DoyleDispatch.comOk, so you’ve seen these on Pinterest: the towels that look like aprons that you can use for bath time. So cute!

And if you have heard stories about my Papa Alan, you probably also know that we have the largest collection of hotel towels in the world (because he always brought us these towels as a sign that he was leaving town).

So, what do you do with these extra towels? Make a bath time towel apron for Baby Boy and Baby Girl!


1. Lay out your towel as flat as possible.

DIY Bath Time Towel Apron (Tutorial) -

2. Lay out an apron that you like on top of it. I used one of my Thirty-One aprons (don’t the patterns just make you so happy?)

DIY Bath Time Towel Apron (Tutorial) -

3. Fold over both the towel and apron in half. This will help you so that you only have to cut once, and it will stay symmetrical.

DIY Bath Time Towel Apron (Tutorial) -

4. Cut out the top portion like so.

DIY Bath Time Towel Apron (Tutorial) -

5. I found that I needed the top to angle in a little bit more, so I did a bit more trimming.

DIY Bath Time Towel Apron (Tutorial) -

DIY Bath Time Towel Apron (Tutorial) -

6. Cut out a length of fabric (the width is your choice) to fit on the top of the apron. This is just for decoration. The wider section will be sewed onto the front, and the thinner section is sewed onto the back.

DIY Bath Time Towel Apron (Tutorial) -


Fold over the sides onto the back.


DIY Bath Time Towel Apron (Tutorial) -


The back will look like this when it is pinned:

DIY Bath Time Towel Apron (Tutorial) -


The front looks like this when pinned:

DIY Bath Time Towel Apron (Tutorial) -

7. Cut out two long strips of colorful fabric. Make them as long as you can. You will want them to be about 3 inches wide.

DIY Bath Time Towel Apron (Tutorial) -

7. Fold the edges over and iron to form creases.

DIY Bath Time Towel Apron (Tutorial) -

8. Fold both sections over and sew onto your towel apron. This will be the underarms and the ties.

DIY Bath Time Towel Apron (Tutorial) -

9. Sew on some ribbon (or rickrack) to tie it around your neck.

DIY Bath Time Towel Apron (Tutorial) -

10. Enjoy your towel apron! If you have girl/boy twins like me, you will want to make a second one (not pictured) so that the second bather won’t be stuck with a wet towel. You can call me a thoughtful mom!

DIY Bath Time Towel Apron (Tutorial) -
DIY Bath Time Towel Apron (Tutorial) -


Feeling ambitious? You can also add some pockets at the bottom to hold some bathing goodies.



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