DIY Pacifier Clip

Easy DIY Pacifier Clips -

I have a lot of extra fabric just sitting around my craft room. I mean… a lot. So, I thought I would start doing some smaller projects to help get rid of my stash. Enjoy this tutorial!

1. Start by laying out your fabric and ironing it.
DIY Pacifier Holder -









2. Cut your fabric so that it is 15″ long and just under 4″ wide (mine was 3 and 7/8 inches wide).

DIY Pacifier Holder -


3. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise (hotdog style) and iron to create a crease.

DIY Pacifier Holder -


4. Unfold to show the underside and the crease.

DIY Pacifier Holder -


5. Fold one side towards the center crease and iron.

DIY Pacifier Holder -

6. Fold the other side towards the center crease and iron. Make sure they do not get folded all the way to the crease.

DIY Pacifier Holder -


7. Fold the end over and iron to form a crease. Do this on both ends.

DIY Pacifier Holder -

8. Fold down the center crease again and iron the entire piece flat.

DIY Pacifier Holder -

9. Sew around the entire rectangle.

DIY Pacifier Holder -

10. Clip any hanging threads. Make sure that everything is secure.

DIY Pacifier Holder - DoyleDispatch.comDIY Pacifier Holder -


11. Open your package of suspender/mitten clips.

DIY Pacifier Holder -

12. Fold one of the ends through the clip, leaving about 1 inch of material as a “tail.” Sew it.

DIY Pacifier Holder -

13. Sew the rest of the “tail” down to secure. The pictures below show the back and front.

DIY Pacifier Holder - DoyleDispatch.comDIY Pacifier Holder - 

14. Identify your snaps (left: male, right: female, not pictured: prongs). I always have trouble figuring out which is the back side and which is the correct side of the female part of the snap. Some people talk about the part the sticks up, but the snaps that I use don’t have an easily-identified side like this. I’ve finally figured it out, though. There is a side that looks like flower petals inside. That is the “correct” side of the snap, and the other side is the backside that will attach to the prongs. 

DIY Pacifier Holder - DoyleDispatch.comDIY Pacifier Holder -

15. Using your snap attacher (I’ve used a few, and I prefer the SnapSetter tool), attach the snaps so that there is a little fold-over.

DIY Pacifier Holder -

16. There you go! One pacifier clip ready to go!

DIY Pacifier Holder -

DIY Pacifier Holder -

DIY Pacifier Holder -

You can tell that I got on a roll and made a few. Once you make one, you will realize how easy it is. What a great baby shower gift!

DIY Pacifier Holder - DoyleDispatch.comDIY Pacifier Holder -






Personalized Onesie

My dear and wonderful friend Sarah from A T-Shirt and Pearls is expecting her first baby. Sarah and her husband Britt asked if I would take their announcement picture.

Sarah and Britt Baby AnnouncementWell, just last week they found out it is a girl! First of all, this is perfect for Sarah, one of the best-dressed ladies I know (and she will have the most stylish baby). Second, it means that I get to shower Baby Girl with lots of adorable gifts!

The first is something that I’ve been so excited for (and the reason why I was hoping it was going to be a girl): this adorable pearl onesie that I made.


Of course, I had to adorn the back with Sarah’s logo from her blog. It’s only fitting, of course.



Congrats, Sarah and Britt!

The Hungry Caterpillar Diaper Wreath

About two weeks ago, a dear friend and coworker asked me to make a diaper cake or wreath for her daughter who is having a baby girl this fall. The baby shower was this past week, so I don’t have to worry about spoiling surprises anymore. After talking about the different options, we decided to go with a diaper wreath with a book theme. Sharley went out shopping for the book and a “lovey” to go with it, and look at what she picked out:

The Very Hungry Caterpillar! So cute!!!

With that, I went shopping for my goodies to make the wreath.

Lots of ribbon at a cheap price at Walmart:

A 12″ wire wreath from Michael’s:

And a pack of size 2 diapers (also from Walmart). I got size 2 so that the wreath can be decoration still while the baby is truly a newborn. By the time Baby will need a size 2, Mom will be okay taking the wreath apart. Hint: Target has adorable polka-dot Target-brand diapers, but since I was already at Walmart, I bought them there.

I then went over to the back of the baby section to get all kinds of adorable add-ons for the wreath. My directions were to keep it simple, without a lot of additional baby items. Then I found all of these fruit items in the right colors, and I had to have them. I especially loved the items that had the wholes in the middle, just as if the Hungry Caterpillar took a bite out of them!

Yes, I bought way more than I ended up using. I returned the extra, unused items.

The next step was to start diapering. I took each diaper, opened it up, and wrapped it around the two outside sections of the wire wreath form. I tied it together with about a 6″ piece of ribbon.

I was able to fit three diapers to each section.

I kept going all the way around, alternating the color of the ribbons.

I then cut out my pink ribbon. It was a LOT of pink ribbon.

Time to wrap it around the two inner wire sections.

It’s getting there!

After that, I took extra of the thin ribbon and wrapped it around the accessories for the wreath and attached it to the wire base. Because I only used a 12″ wreath form, I didn’t need many of the accessories.

I then decided that I didn’t like the messy look of the long ribbons. This ribbon was unable to be curled, so it was time to cut them short. I also decided that I wanted to tie one more ribbon around each diaper to make it look more like a piece of candy.

Here are some of the detail shots:

Congrats Sharley on your new granddaughter! I know she will be a beautiful girl, just like her mom and and grandmother!