A Roadtrip, an Anniversary, Passover, and Easter

We have had a very, very busy few weeks!

I took my first road trip away from the twins, and I survived! Tim’s mom Pat and I went up to New Jersey to surprise his cousin at her (surprise) baby shower. We drove up one morning, went to the shower, and then drove back the next day. It was exhausting, but a fantastic trip (and great to know that we can all survive when Mommy goes away). Tim, his dad, and his grandfather were on duty, and they did a great job with the kids! Plus, I got plenty of pictures throughout the two days, so I knew my kids were happy, healthy, and safe! Although we were gone for less than 36 hours, we managed a 6-hour car trip, a quick (and cold) trip to the beach, stories from Pat’s childhood (I absolutely LOVE to hear background about someone’s childhood and past, especially when we can visit those places), a visit with extended family, the shower (surprise!!!), breakfast at a great diner, and then another 6-hour car trip (and a stop at a favorite store on the way back to see their new improvements in a new location).

IMG_1683 IMG_1681 IMG_1678 IMG_1688 IMG_8363

The very next weekend, we were so lucky to be able celebrate two very important holidays: Passover and Easter. We had my entire family over for our Passover Seder, where we were able to do the entire seder and 10 songs in under an hour! And we had (relatively) happy toddlers the whole time. WIN! Big huge props to my mom for doing all of the cooking and prepping and bringing them to our house so that we could keep the kids comfortable and make it easier on us. Thank you!

Then on Sunday, we went Tim’s family’s church (well, the fellowship hour after the service), where the twins could meet many of Tim’s parents’ friends. Then we went back to the Doyles’ house for an Easter egg hunt and some playing.

IMG_8535 IMG_8558 IMG_8564 IMG_8669 IMG_8672 IMG_8688 IMG_8743

Oh, and in between Passover and Easter was our anniversary… so of course we had to take a trip to the local zoo so that the kids could see the animals. They loved it so much we may become members so we can go often.

IMG_8440 IMG_8429 IMG_8424

I love springtime because of the holidays, time spent outside and visiting, and the fact that summer is almost here! But, man, is it busy and exhausting! Still, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

12 and 6 and 2 Years

12 years ago, Tim and I were high school seniors, about to start at Virginia Tech and Vanderbilt in the fall. But we had an undeniable attraction to each other, so we decided to “date casually” (we didn’t truly understand what that meant then or now, but it felt safer than actual “dating” when we were about to go off to college). That “dating casually” lasted 2 days, when we decided that we just wanted to be together as “boyfriend and girlfriend.”

Dory and Tim 2005

We dated a LOOOOONG time… continuously through the first year when we had a long-distance relationship and then the next 3 years of college when I transferred to VT (no break-ups through all of it!), and into grad school for me and Tim’s job. 4.5 years after we started dating, Tim proposed. A year and a half later we got married… On April 4. On our “casual dating” anniversary.

Dory and Tim 2009

The first week in April will always be special for us. On April 4, 2003 (12 years ago), we started dating. On April 4, 2009 (6 years ago), we got married. On April 5, 2013 (2 years ago), we found out I was pregnant (only to be surprised later that it was twins).

Starting tomorrow, we will have been married longer than we dated. Crazy to think, but also it feels like there has never been a time that we weren’t together. I love you so much, Tim! Thank you for your selflessness, your love, your support. Thank you for being the best daddy to Audrey and David. Thank you for providing so much for us and for allowing me to stay at home with our kids and also work on my business ventures. You are my rock. I love you so much! Happy anniversary!

Dory and Tim 2014

Birthdays and Memories

Today is March 24, the birthdays of my Papa Alan and his twin brother Marshall. This is the second March 24th that we have been without them, and I have to say that our families miss them so much still… a year after Marshall’s death and a year and a half after my papa’s. Yesterday was also the 10th anniversary of the death of their younger brother, Juddy, who passed away in 2004.


It seems so weird that we are without the Bedol brothers, as they are still so much a part of our lives. Still, when I look at Audrey and David and I see them clutch each others’ hands or grab their arms or smile with their eyes, I am reminded of Alan, Marshall, and Juddy. How lucky we were to have them for as long as we did. Happy 89th birthday, Papa and Marshall!





While we still grieve over our loss, March is also a time of great celebration: my brother, Josh, turned 19 yesterday as well! Josh, I’m so sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday! I love you. I am so proud of you. You amaze me all the time. Keep working hard and proving yourself over and over so that all those that come in contact with you see how truly outstanding you are! Never be anything less than your best. I am so proud of who you have become… even if I still picture you as that little 2nd grader that hid in the back of Tim’s car so that we would take you to prom too. Thank goodness you laughed and gave yourself away!



And thank you for being such a good uncle to Audy and David! I love you!