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So I know that I haven’t posted some updates from my #monthofgratitude challenge, but they have been ones that I really wanted to keep to myself this past week (and a half). But I have still found the good in each day. That being said, there is something about being accountable and actually posting each and every day. So for the final 1/3 of the month, my goal is to post each day with a new item I’m thankful for.

During this past hiatis, the one thing that has been constant as a source of my gratitude is my husband, Tim. He is my rock and my best friend. He is my sounding board and the one who lets me say whatever I’m thinking without judgement. He watches the kids first thing in the morning and right when he gets home at night so I can have some time to myself and my work. He understands when, as soon as we say goodnight to A and D, I go into my office and start working. He gets it and doesn’t complain.

I could go into a million reasons from our 12 year history as to why I love this man, but let me just say that I am grateful for him and our love and our commitment to our family. I wouldn’t be half the person that I am without him.

Dory and Tim 2014

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