A Month of Gratitude: When Things Fit Together

Doyletwins Feeding Each Other

Today was hard to narrow down to one thing. So much happened, yet so little happened as well. We cuddled on the couch and watched morning PBS after Tim went to work. I took the twins to our local gym so that I could have a few minutes by the adult-only pool and they could play with the other kids (they love it there). We had a fun lunch where Audrey and David didn’t want to give up their yogurt bowls because they were trying to get every last little drop of yogurt. They had a really terrific nap and woke up happy (and were ok just hanging out quietly for a little while afterwards). We played downstairs happily, and when they were ready for their snack (pretzel sticks), they shared from the same container. Audrey fed David, and David fed Audrey. They had a terrific dinner of avocado, homemade mac and cheese, and meatloaf. All of the Doyles were members of the Clean Plate Club (which is a feat when two are toddlers). David wanted Audrey’s toy, but instead of throwing a fit, our 1 minute warning worked (I’m sure that will be the subject of another #monthofgratitude post). They had a fun bath and went to bed relatively easily. Tim and I were able to cuddle on the couch without any computers and watch some TV together.

You know how some days things just work? When all of those routines and preparation and giving transition warnings just works? Yeah, today was one of those days. Rarely is a day as smooth as this. I don’t expect to see one like it again for a long time. But today I am reveling in it. I am soaking it in. And I am going to go to bed before midnight.


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