Essentially Elegant Diffuser Necklace Review

Essentially Elegant Etsy Shop Review

Disclaimer: I received the following necklace for the purpose of this review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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If you have read a handful of my blog posts in the past year, you know that we have really made an effort to reduce the chemicals in our home. That also corresponds to my love (and now growing business) with essential oils (you can check out my business website One Breath at a Thyme for more information)! I love my roller bottles, rubs, and ever-growing oil collection. I have sprays and sample vials galore for us to take when we are out and about. But now that our twins are 18 months old, I don’t worry as much with them grabbing my necklaces… which means that I get to wear jewelry again!

While I’ve never been a huge jewelry wearer, that may change now that I can wear my essential oils around my neck in a really cute necklace! As I started looking through all of the different sites online and especially on Etsy, one shop truly stood out to me: Essentially Elegant. Ashley of Essentially Elegant has a website where you can see some styles, but the vast majority of her items for sale are on her Essentially Elegant Etsy site.

Ashley (the owner) is a military wife, stay-at-home mother of two, and budding aromatherapy jewelry maker. She got her start in the jewelry making business as a hobby to help fill her days, while the kids are at school, with an activity she was passionate about. Ashley has heavily researched essential oils and craft jewelry separately for a few years and has done an amazing job merging her two skills to bring unique aromatherapy pieces to customers around the world.

I researched many different sites and stores before finding Essentially Elegant, and they certainly have the largest and most diverse collection of pieces. They currently carry fashion diffuser locket necklaces, basic locket necklaces, terra cotta clay pendant necklaces, lava rock necklaces, para cord lava rock bracelets, stretch diffuser bracelets, and memory wire diffuser bracelets. Personally, I simply fell in love with the Flamingo Pendant (a lava rock diffuser necklace).

Doyle Dispatch - Essentially Elegant Review

As soon as I got it, I dropped one of the pink pom pom balls (which I ordered as extras, since they are not included automatically with this particular pendant) inside with a drop of lemon, lavender, and peppermint. Boy, did I love smelling that all day (and into the next day too). Finally at about 48 hours later the smell mostly went away, and I could change the scent. With this necklace, you receive 2 lava rocks, so you can change your oil earlier by changing out the rocks. 

Doyle Dispatch - Essentially Elegant Review Full Chain

I have been so impressed with this little necklace and how just a couple drops can do so much! I love how it is designed so that the lava rock or pom pom won’t fall out (you have to take it off the chain to open it).

Doyle Dispatch - Essentially Elegant Review Open Pendant

Audrey and David have been fascinated with my little necklace as well, although they are so gentle with it (which is very unlike toddlers). It must be the oils.

I wanted to feature several other top sellers and favorites from her site:

Lava Rock Bead Diffuser Pendant Necklace

Essentially Elegant Lava Rock Bead Diffuser Pendant Necklace

Lava Rock Bead Diffuser Bracelet

Essentially Elegant Lav Rock Bead Diffuser Bracelet

Yoga Inspired Diffuser Necklace (also available in silver color)

Essentially Elegant Yoga Inspired Diffuser Necklace

Tree of Life Inspired Diffuser Necklace (also available in antique bronze color)

Essentially Elegant Tree of Life Inspired Diffuser Necklace

Design Your Own (Bronze Heart)

Essentially Elegant Design Your Own Bronze

Design Your Own (Silver Heart)

Essentially Elegant Design Your Own Silver

Remember that we have a special discount code at the Essentially Elegant Etsy shop for 10% off your purchase through 6/30/15: DOYLE10OFF. What are you going to get? You can also follow Essentially Elegant on Instagram (@essentiallyelegant).

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  1. Very cute! I like that Namaste one the best 🙂

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