My Experience at #LillyforTarget

My Experience at #lillyfortarget

As soon as the look book was released, I was thrilled about the Lilly Pullitzer collection at Target. I have for years been in love with the bright colors and beachy feel of Lilly’s pattens and clothes. I’ve tried on the dresses dozens of times (those shift dresses just aren’t meant for someone with a small waist and big hips like me), drooled over the scarves, and even bought a phone case for my first iPhone.

So I was excited to be able to find more affordable options at Target! I didn’t put the date on my calendar, I didn’t make shopping lists based on the look book. I just thought “if it’s meant to be, I’ll pick something up.”

So the morning of The Release, I woke up, rolled over, and picked up my iPhone… just like any day. I looked at Facebook and saw the first #lillyfortarget post. Someone was standing in line. Oh my! I forgot that today was release day!

It was a Sunday. Stores would open in 20 minutes. The kids were happy and not yet out of their cribs, and we all slept well the night before. I mentioned the release to Tim, and he said that if I wanted to try to head to a store, I could. He would get the kids downstairs and feed them breakfast.

So I got dressed (no shower) and did some calculating in my head. Strategically, I didn’t want to go to a Target store in the preppiest area of town. Instead, I would go to the one that was a little further away from The Prep Zone (a name that I just gave it- I’ve never heard that area of town called that before). I would have the best luck there.

I got to Target at 8:10. The parking lot was practically empty and no line. SCORE!

I got a parking spot right up in the front. SCORE!

I started walking in and saw a friend of mine from college who has two adorable and well-dressed daughters. I asked her how the sale was, and she said that it’s all gone. WHAT?

10 minutes after the store opened, and it was ALL gone.

I walked in to Target and saw the big flamingo hanging from the ceiling. And the rack underneath. And the teenage girls and women standing by it. And it was empty. They were waiting for people to return items to the rack if they decided they didn’t want it.

So, it seemed like my Lilly run was a bust. Oh well! I was a little sad, but happy to have a morning at Target where I wasn’t pushing a stroller.

So I just decided to browse around and go look at the patio furniture (we are hoping to redo our back deck soon). When I got to that section, I saw a group of women congregating and talking with overflowing carts of Lilly.

I just offhandedly said the following to them: “Are you going to keep everything that you picked? I’m a mom of twins and rarely buy anything new for my daughter, and I was hoping to get her a Lilly for this summer.”

They all said, “No,” and I totally understood.

And we exchanged a few other words about the sale and how they got everything and they were so nice!

Then one woman did the unthinkable.

“Actually, I don’t think my daughter will wear this. If this fits, you can have it.” It was a white tunic top with pink embroidery in 2T. The perfect size. I was so overwhelmed that I gave her a big hug along with a big thank you.

Then she did the unthinkable x2. “Oh, and this will be too long for her. Would it work?”

What the what? I got 2 Lilly items in the exact size I needed? That woman got another hug.

And then another woman in her group turned to someone else who had empty hands (who was evidently someone she only met that day). “You know, I really don’t need this one as well. You can have it.”


As I made my way to the checkout, I realized how silly this all way. We were grown women drooling over (and in some cases crying over) clothes. I mean, really??!!!?? But then I also realized how sometimes it’s nice to treat ourselves to something a little girly, especially for those of us that are usually covered in Cheerio dust and old milk.

Once I got home, I showed Audrey her new outfits. This girly girl immediately made me put the dress on over her PJs. Have I mentioned how much I love her?


And David pouted because he wanted new clothes too.


When I got back home, my amazing cousin (who lives in California) posted that she had heard the buzz, gone to the Target, and gotten a few pieces that she wouldn’t be using. Oh my gosh, I jumped on that so quick! What adorableness we scored! Mommy Daughter Twinsies!

IMG_2281 (1)


So what did I learn from this experience?

1. Women can be cutthroat.

2. Women can also be kind and giving .

3. We should be teaching our daughters (and sons) that we can try to seize an opportunity if it comes to us, but we shouldn’t cry over sold-out-Lilly-for-Target.

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