Adventures in Cloth Diapering: 2 Weeks In

Ok, so we haven’t been cloth diapering for a full two weeks yet, but since I started seriously playing around with the idea 2 weeks ago, I think we can call it 2 weeks (at least for the title of this post).

Adventures in Cloth Diapering- 2 Weeks In

If you were to have asked us a month ago if we would be cloth diapering, I would have sadly said, “No, it would just be too hard to learn and too expensive to do it with two of them. Plus, I just can’t handle the laundry I have now. I don’t think I could do it with cloth diaper laundry as well.”

I am so glad we decided (totally on a whim) to take the plunge and try this.

Research: While we are absolutely NOT experts, please rely on your mom and dad friends to help you at first, and then go to a trusty store (like our Franklin Goose) to fill in the gaps and get a thorough education (and also for continuing expert advice). And be prepared to ask a lot of questions. Soon, I will be posting actual information about diaper types, detergents, and other cloth diapering topics, but for now please trust me when I say that your friends will help you more than you realize. I had no idea the amount of friends that CD their kids until I posted on Facebook that our first day was an epic failure. Since then, I have some amazing mom friends that I know I can turn to immediately for help and advice.

Amount Spent (For Twins): I spent about $250-300 on diapers of all varieties. I got some covers, good cotton prefolds, and washable liners at Franklin Goose. I bought 12 GroVia all-in-one diapers off of a local buy/sell/trade cloth diapering group. I bought another 12 or so pocket diapers and inserts from a consignment sale. If you are starting out, definitely get a variety of styles and brands until you figure out what you like best.

Fail: Yes, you will have failures which will pop up as pinched skin, diaper rashes, and leak throughs. You may drop poop on the ground as you are cleaning it up, and you may throw the cloth diaper in the wrong bin. But it’s ok! We make mistakes and we get into a new habit and then we are ok!

Trial-and-Error: Again, this is where your cloth diapering store comes in. Be prepared for a couple days or weeks or trial and error as you figure it out. We were lucky and found success with pockets and then fell in LOVE with all-in-ones pretty quickly after that. But then there are questions about your water type and detergent and washing routine. So find that store (or better yet, just call Franklin Goose since they will chat with anyone ANYWHERE to help them out), call them or go in, and enjoy some mistakes or successes. Think of how many diapers you change. You will figure it out quickly.

Surround Yourself with Supportive People: While some think that CDing is “gross” or old-fashioned, ignore those haters. Surround yourself with the people that are excited for you to try this new adventure. We have been so lucky and our parents (who are the others that regularly watch our twins) have been so happy for us to try this (and willing to do it themselves). Surround yourself with the positive people. Bye-bye negativity!

Save: Oh my gosh, 1 week after we started to CD, a big order of disposable diapers from Amazon Mom came in… 3 HUGE BOXES. We contacted them right away, and sent two of them back in (keeping 1 for traveling and backup), and we LOVED getting that money back. We don’t mind changing diapers now, because we don’t see it as money out the window. In fact, it’s fun to change diapers and pick the new fashion. Just be warned, if you use disposables every now and then, you will be heavily disappointed when your child doesn’t poop in it. Oh man, that was such a waste of a disposable! 

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