Things I Wouldn’t Do With a Singleton

Things I Wouldn't Do with a Singleton

No matter what your fertility history, when the doctor tells you that you are pregnant with multiples, you are shocked. Your dream of having one baby (along with all of the things you will do with that one baby) are turned upside down. Please remember, I absolutely LOVE being a Mom of Multiples. That being said, all of your expectations and thoughts of parenthood suddenly become totally different.

In one of my MOM Facebook groups recently, someone asked the group, “What are some thing that you wouldn’t dream of doing with a singleton?” It made me think and want to come up with my own list:

  • Use the word “singleton”
  • Leave a baby in the car alone (there is no way around this, but thank goodness for remote start cars)
  • Cry It Out and other sleep training methods
  • Lick a pacifier from the ground (in our house only) and then give it back to the baby
  • Let the babies go for a week with wipe-baths only
  • Depend on the stroller to go anywhere in public (no carts or just carrying babies)
  • Carry two almost-toddlers down the stairs in our house at the same time (only on my most brave and their least wiggly days)
  • Use the car’s DVD system to keep them happy/awake/quiet


So mamas… I want to hear what you would add to this list!

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  1. i would add “be hesitant about play dates/classes” the kids run (and previously crawled) in opposite directions so it’s impossible to keep them under control.

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