Adventures in Cloth Diapering: The First Two Days

Adventures in Cloth Diapering- The First 2 Days

Well, on our first day of CDing (last Wednesday), it was a leaky mess. Turns out those prefolds that you get from Babies R Us are really poor quality and don’t absorb at all. After a quick bit of research and help from lots of friends that also CD, we confirmed that.

So we switched back to disposable for a couple of days so I could research more and get a game plan.

Enter a child consignment sale where I found about 20 pocket diapers (various brands) and some covers for about $120. Score! I figured that it would be enough to try them out a bit more and really get a chance to see if we liked them. If not, we could always sell our stash.

Day 2 of Cloth: Let’s just say that I love the look of Audrey and David in cloth. Those big fluffy butts are just totally precious. And with the microfiber inserts, it definitely was much more absorbent. Tim and I both cleaned our first poops (the big test), and it wasn’t bad at all! I think we are hooked!

In addition, I went back in to our local cloth diapering store Franklin Goose, and they hooked me up with some amazing 100% cotton prefolds and fleece liners. They are going through the wash now, so I will be reporting on them again soon.

In the meantime, I have learned so much in the past week, such as the difference in types of cloth diapers, the varieties of methods of cleaning, various schools of thought on cloth diapering, what can/cannot touch your child’s skin, how different materials absorb, and much more.

I have also learned that it’s really important to have a few trusted people and communities to go to with questions. I have read in forums about using bleach to clean diapers, but something about it made me very uneasy. Even if it’s highly diluted and gets washed afterwards, it just didn’t feel right. The whole point of our family CDing was to get away from chemicals. So why would I introduce something that harsh into our diapering?

After talking to Sheri at Franklin Goose, I felt much better about my decision to skip using bleach. Over time it would break down the diapers, causing us to buy more. Now, if the STORE that SELLS these cloth diapers is encouraging us NOT to buy more, then I feel like I can trust their advice. Instead, Sheri offered that if anyone has questions, we should not hesitate to call and ask questions. She said that they have customers from states away that will call in to ask questions, and they love helping out whenever possible. Customer service is such a big aspect of the shopping experience for me. I will happily pay a little more for good service and good quality!

Stay tuned for more on our #adventuresinclothdiapering

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  1. How do the cloth diapers do overnight? We are completely day time potty trained (and pretty much nap trained), but still have a few days here or there when Ian wakes up wet in the morning. We’ve been using pull ups for overnight, but your posts on cloth got me thinking maybe we could use cloth instead (especially since there is no poop to deal with!)…I’m just afraid of him leaking through and having a wet bed and PJs.

    • Honestly, we wanted to get the daytime diapers figured out first before we ventured into cloth at night. We feel like we are just getting an idea of cloth during the day, but naps are a different story and need to be stuffed a bit more, as we do still get leaks there. I think once we get naps figured out, that will give us enough confidence to do nighttime. I know that several moms absolutely love cloth at night. I might suggest trying either some all-in-ones (AIO) or pocket diapers (where you stuff it to make it more or less absorbent depending on what you want). If you do a pocket diaper, you would put a microfiber pad or two inside, and that ends up being really absorbent. Since yours is just an every now and then issue, that could be a great solution!

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