Twin Z on Shark Tank Tonight!

For anyone who knows me personally, I hope that this isn’t a shock:


I mean, it’s probably close to an obsession with how much I love watching these entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to try to get funding from these “multi-millionaire and billionaire investors.” I love sitting with Tim and trying to guess what their product is right before the pitch. I love waiting to see what their sales are to date. I love the excitement when the sharks get in a bidding war over a great product/company. I love to hate the way that some of the sharks bully the entrepreneurs into making a decision. I cringe at the rookie mistakes from some of the people that enter The Tank (Hello! Don’t you WATCH this show?).

But putting aside my love obsession with this show, I have very exciting news to share… the TWIN Z NURSING PILLOW will be on Shark Tank tonight (check your local ABC station for the time).

Twin Z Shark Tank

I am beyond thrilled for Michelle and the Twin Z company. I have been a fan since my twin pregnancy (the summer of 2013), and we have continued to use this pillow even now that the twins are 15 months old and no longer breastfeeding.


Whenever Audrey or David wants milk, they will make their sign for it, pull down the pillow, and settle into position while they wait for me to get their cup. They know that’s the milk seat. When we are having quiet time in the afternoon and watching Elmo, I prop up the middle section to make a head rest for me, and the arms provide a great area for Audrey and/or David to come and cuddle up to me.


It also makes one great jungle gym and reading spot!


I had the pleasure of talking to Michelle yesterday (on the eve of the biggest night of her business’ life she made time to talk to ME about something totally different), and I have absolutely no idea what happens during the pitch, but I’m so excited to find out! Here’s to great things for this amazing family and an incredible product!

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