The Peanuts Movie Trailer

When the first Peanuts movie teaser came out, I was so thrilled! I love the Peanuts (and have been for about 15 years), and I was so excited to see that a new movie would bring their “antics” to a whole new generation.


Then, just recently, the first actual trailer came out, and I completely felt deflated:

It wasn’t the focus on Snoopy and his Flying Ace that threw me off. It wasn’t even the graphics (which are much more high-tech than the graphics that we are used to seeing from their old-school holiday specials). It was at about the 0:55 mark with Snoopy’s grimace. Then again at 1:15 with Woodstock laughing at Snoopy’s falling. Then once again at 1:19 with Snoopy forcefully shoving Woodstock onto the doghouse (Did he just use Woodstock as a conductor of electricity?). The worst was a 1:33 when Charlie Brown drops the popcorn and everyone in the movie theater turned to laugh at him.

It was just so mean spirited.

Is that really what the Peanuts were about? No! Yes, CB is called a “blockhead” and “wishy washy” and always seems to have things go awry in his life, but he continues to try to see the good side of things. Snoopy is self-centered, but he is imaginative and simply has a lot of energy (as dogs do). Lucy is crabby and egotistical, but she also has this soft spot for her Schroeder. Pigpen is gross and dirty, but the Peanuts gang seems to accept him despite his cloud of dust.

No, the Peanuts movie trailer was not a representation of MY Peanuts, and because of that, it was a disappointment. I can understand why the producers decided the take a modern twist to it, because I can’t imagine that MY Peanuts would sell out movie theaters- they don’t have the pizazz that kids’ movies have nowadays. I would be ok with that, as long as it preserved the sweetness of Charles Schultz’s comics. I guess that’s why I’m not a movie producer.

So, Peanuts fans, what did you think? Am I over-reacting?

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