How To Clean a Doll’s Hair – FAIL

Fail Cleaning Doll's Hair

When we went back to our hometown for Thanksgiving, I picked up one of my old Cabbage Patch dolls, Nellie, because I thought that Audrey might like to have a talking doll that looked like her.

Nellie, however, needed to go to the salon for some serious help on her hairdo. I looked up ways to fix dolls hair, and I can across one post that seemed easy enough (“How to Clean and Restore Doll Hair” by The Krazy Coupon Lady).

So I took a quick before shot,

Nellie Hair Before
filled the sink with a little fabric softener, and gave Nellie a hair washing.

Nellie Hair Fabric Softener Conditioner

As I worked through the knots with a comb, I realized that we had a serious problem on our hands. Nellie’s hair was in awful shape. Because she had electronics in her head, I had to be careful not to soak her hair up to her scalp. Yet I also had trouble combing through the knots. They were impossible to get through without pulling out her hair.

Clump of Doll Hair

Now I know why all of my Barbies had short haircuts. Knots in a doll’s hair  = pull out the scissors.

No, I didn’t cut Nellie’s hair short. We will let Audrey do that in a couple years if she wants to. For now, Nellie just has a very clean and shiny, but very knotty hairdo.

Nellie Hair After

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