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Children N Us Stroller Bag Review - DoyleDispatch.com

Whenever we go out, we basically have to use our stroller. We have tried baby wearing or simply holding the twins in the past, but with my bad back, I really have to limit the amount I hold our wiggly toddlers when we go out and about (as I’m all about holding them as much as possible when we are at home).

That means that when we are out and using our stroller, I need to have things accessible. A current trip to the mall or even just the store requires a water bottle for me, plus my phone, keys, wallet, hand sanitizer, and snacks for the twins within reachable distance. The stroller caddy we had been using from Baby Jogger was nice, but it was a little too specific with the multiple, small compartments. I needed something with a large opening that could be used in different ways.

When we received the stroller bag to review from Children N Us, I was thrilled! It seemed to be really well-made (just like my Baby Jogger one), but it had the space that I really wanted and needed. With two clicks, I had it on the stroller and was ready to go!

Overall, I really like it. It can carry so much, and I love the versatility! I can put in bigger toys, socks, drinks, snacks, and small items too, and it all fits!

Children N Us Stroller Bag Review Inside Detail - DoyleDispatch.com

The biggest issue that I have is that when you adjust the straps to make it tighter and closer to the stroller handle, it quickly loosens up and falls down again. I think it is because the clips were installed backwards (so it doesn’t stay tight). That is my biggest issue with it. For the price ($20 and Amazon Prime eligible) and the space, I still think that this is a great addition to our stroller!

Children N Us Stroller Bag Review Side Detail - DoyleDispatch.com

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