Sister Bloggers

I have to admit that I have amazing sisters-in-law! I think the three of us complement each other so well, and each of us Doyle Sisters are now bloggers too!

Kathleen is Tim’s sister, and she has just started Self-Care for Social Workers, a blog to help those in the social work field establish healthy habits and take care of themselves (something that is often overlooked when you spend your life caring for others). I particularly love her post about self-guided meditation, because it’s a technique that I have used for years and years.

Lauryn is Tim’s brother Kevin’s wife, and she has a blog From NoVA to SwVA, documenting the adventures in their homeownership. If you check out her post about the dot walls, yours truly may have helped to contribute. You can see her guest post on this blog about her re-doing a vanity.

Congrats Kathleen and Lauryn for joining the blogging world! Welcome! May you find fulfillment and joy and no writer’s block! Love you!

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