1 Year Old!

We all made it to a year!!! We had the most amazing year full of challenges, laughs, milestones, and love.

12 Months Old



Things We Love About Audrey:

Audrey 12 Months Old

  • the way she throws her head back to laugh
  • the new “words” she learns to use daily (mama, dada, bye bye, ditkwa ditkwa, va va)
  • the way she waves by opening/closing her hands
  • her copy-cat motions, especially when we want her to come to us
  • how proud she is when she stands on her own
  • how fast she learns new tricks

Things We Love About David:

David 12 Months Old

  • his new-found cuddly nature (it’s back!)
  • his obsession with books
  • his favorite words (up, pop)
  • the speed in which he crawls
  • how he loves to instigate chase/hiding games with Audrey
  • his “secret” hiding spots throughout the playroom
  • his goat laugh
  • his fake goat cry
  • his belly laugh
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  1. I like how you documented these memories at 1 year. This would be a great idea to do this every year.

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