Our 2014 Trip to Savannah

I promise this post won’t be as long as the post about our 2013 trip to Savannah, but it was just as enjoyable!  Here’s why:


  • A Wedding! We got to celebrate the wedding of Tim’s cousin Mike and his beautiful (inside and out) bride Jess (and you can see more pictures on Mike and Jess’ blog Hokie Birds Fly South)


  • Tybee Island! Oh yes, we most certainly made a return trip here to enjoy the incredible beach.


  • The Food! Savannah has incredible eats and treats. Although we weren’t able to enjoy as many this time around (what with having 11 month old twins with us), we still got some great tastes in.



  • The Ice Cream! Ok, this could have been lumped in with “The Food,” but since this was Babies’ First Ice Cream, I had to put it by itself.


  • The Squares/Sights! We didn’t go sightseeing too much, but we were able to see some beautiful sights while driving around.


  • The Weather! We spent our last evening at the gorgeous Forsythe Park, a dream we wanted to do since we found out that I was pregnant a year a half ago.


  • The Hotel! We loved staying at the Embassy Suites. What a gorgeous hotel, amazing service, and enough room (barely) for us and all of our gear.


  • Our first trip as a family of 4… by ourselves! And we only stopped 2 times going there and coming back. Success!












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