1st Birthday Presents


We are in full steam ahead mode for getting ready for the twins’ first birthday party. I can’t wait to share pictures soon!

In the meantime, we have reformatted our baby shower registry on BabyList to reflect a wish list (of sorts) for Audrey and David for their first birthday. While we definitely don’t want or need all of these, these may give an idea to those that want to give something. Do they HAVE to receive gifts? Absolutely not! A and D would be perfectly happy with empty boxes and wooden spoons… but we wanted to provide some sort of list for those that have insisted.

The Doyle Twins’ First Birthday Wish List


How it works:

If you see something that you would like to give, you will just click “Reserve It” and you will be able to purchase it (or something like it). If you change your mind, you can release it and put it back on the wish list.

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