Where has the Time Gone?

Audrey 1 Day Old (Where Has the Time Gone?) David 1 Day Old (Where Has the Time Gone?)

As we are nearing the end of David and Audrey’s first year (and our first year in this adventure of Life with Twins), we have started to get a little nostalgic. This year has absolutely flown by. I know that every parent says that. But guess what- it’s true!

The first few weeks are really blurry.

The first few months seem like a dream (although not always a good one, but still a dream).

The most recent months (since about 6 months old) have simply flown.

Where has the time gone?

When they were newborns and we were feeding them or changing a diaper just about every two hours (with maybe an hour off in between), we were dreaming of the day that they would sleep longer or be awake and play.

When they started to enjoy their mobiles and play gym, we wished for the day that they would actually interact with their toys.

When they began grasping toys, we couldn’t wait for them to roll over and start to sit up on their own. Then our backs would get a break.

When they sat up on their own (but fell over because they were trying to get to something just out of reach), we wished for them to crawl.

Where has the time gone?

Now they are crawling, pulling up on any steady (and unsteady) surface, and starting to stand up on their own. They are amazing. They play WITH each other (which, according to my weekly development emails, they shouldn’t be doing yet… yes, I have #gifted children). I finally am not wishing for the next phase. I will be excited when they get there, but I don’t long for it like I did with the first 9 months. It was really really hard when they were little and there were two of them. I wouldn’t complain (except for one or two blog posts), and overall I still won’t complain, but I did wish for a time where it would be easier.

Well, now we are at that time. I love that they read books, help each other, interact with each other, love on me, communicate with me and say what they want (in our own language). We spend all day reading, singing, talking, laughing, eating, playing, smiling.

Now, time can slow down. I’m ready to stay in this stage for forever. I just don’t think that Audrey and David got the memo.

Hey, Time… go away. I’m busy playing with my babies.

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  1. Grandma Elly says:

    This post made me smile (and weep) because you really “have it”. You understand the importance of each moment. Coincidentally, I also saw this today.


    Again, I smile at the memories and weep for the fact that last times make me emotional. I am so glad you learned this way before I did.

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