11 Months Old!

Doyle Twins 11 Months Old

Um, where did this month go? Weren’t we JUST doing an update? Time, slow down! I can’t believe that the next update will be when they are a year old!

Audrey 11 Months Old

Things We Love about Audrey:

  • kisses and hugs, especially when we ask for them
  • inverted bottle feeding position
  • lots of clapping
  • wants to give things to people
  • puts things back in bins when asked
  • turns her back on David when she wants to keep a toy
  • so excited for “Itsy Bitsy Spider,” that the sun comes out at the beginning of the song
  • tells us she is tired by “blubbing” her lips with her fingers
  • sticks out her tongue to copy us

David 11 Months Old

Things We Love about David:

  • story telling (sounds like words instead of just sounds)
  • likes to dump things out
  • loves to peer around corners to find us
  • actually reads books (and turns to his favorite pages)
  • loves crawling around the playroom with his pop-pop truck
  • dances by bouncing up and down and side to side
  • throws toys when done with them
  • picks books off the shelf, throwing them behind him
  • loves spitting water all over himself
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