Breastfeeding at 10 Months

Well, I know that almost two months ago, I posted that I thought the end of nursing was upon us. That was when the babies were close to 9 months old. Now they are almost 11 months old, and we are surprisingly going strong with breastfeeding still! It seems like we just hit a bump in the road at 9 months.

With other moms and MOMs that I’ve talked to, it seems like 9 months is when many mothers stop breastfeeding. I think I have figured out why. At that age, babies are really fidgety, distractible, and goofy. They also bite and pull and pinch nipples. A lot. Ouch!

But I was stubborn and emotionally not ready to stop nursing. I wanted to get to 12 months. So I didn’t. I pushed through. And now, here we are at almost 11 months old, and we are still nursing at 7:30 AM, 11:45 AM and anytime between 3:30 and 5:30 PM. But nursing doesn’t look like it did when we first started this journey.

Now, I lie down on the ground, with the middle of the Twin Z pillow boosted up to support my head and neck. The babies crawl to me, sit on their knees, and literally attack me to start nursing.

They cuddle in to keep nursing. Audrey wraps her leg around me and snuggles her whole body against mine. She looks up at me with her wide, blue eyes. So serious. David stays on his stomach. After a minute or two he sits up on his knees and starts bouncing and singing. When I threaten to end our session, he attacks again to keep nursing. I usually laugh and laugh and laugh. When he gets really silly, he makes farting sounds against my breast. My little goofball.


Sometimes, when one baby ends first, the other sees an opportunity and lunges across me for the other breast. They will do this, continually taking turns, pushing each other out of the way, singing, laughing, and then going off to play.

And lately, they have found each others’ hands again.


Yes, I love nursing this way. I could continue this for a while longer. What a change a couple months makes!

Are you curious about our twin breastfeeding journey?


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  1. Grandma Elly says:

    I am smiling and laughing at your description. You are the best mom! Letting your babies know that you cherish your time together is just one if the reasons that they are such happy babies. I am so I ooohh proud of you! How do you do it?

  2. i’m so glad you posted this! I’m at almost 9 months and threaten to quit every day because it has gotten so painful. I was worried it would just get worse but I’m glad to hear it didn’t for you and hope it doesn’t for us!


    • Yes, if you can keep going through it, it really has gotten better. David is still a goofy pants and sometimes likes to play, but I hardly ever get bitten anymore, and it’s usually a total accident if it happens. I’m so happy I toughed it out, as it looks like we will get to our 12 month goal. Good luck to you! And pat yourself on the back for getting to this point!!!

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