10 Months Old!

Please forgive us for being a little over a week late on their 10 month update. It’s been a little… well… crazy here!




Things We Love About Audrey


  • Her favorite sound: “Tffftttffff…”
  • The way she pulls to standing on everything, then cruises around while holding on.
  • The way that she loves climbing and rolling on pillows.
  • How we never know if she is going to spit all of her food out or keep eating.
  • Her cuddliness when she is cutting a tooth.
  • How, the first thing she does every morning, is to take all the books off of the shelf for David.

Things We Love About David


  • His huge laughs.
  • The way he keeps asking to say the “Hoki Hoki Hi” cheer by clapping our hands together.
  • His big, sloppy kisses.
  • The way that he instigates play with a smile on his face and a raised eyebrow.
  • How he will read books all morning long.
  • The way he loves to push the pop-pop truck around the playroom.


Here are some pictures from when they were 9 months old:

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  1. They are adorable 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness they’re getting so big! I love the picture where Audrey is screaming and David’s sitting in the background… Just chillin’.

  3. Adorable photos! Found you thru the Hobnob 🙂

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