Review: Golden Dot Moccs

We have two babies that love to pull themselves up on everything. They are also cruising around (when they walk around objects while still holding on). It’s only a matter of time before they are walking on their own. While we don’t mind them walking around barefoot in our house, we know that not all surfaces when we go out and about are clean. So, with soon-to-be walkers, we knew that we needed some good real-leather moccasins.

A few weeks ago, on The Wise Baby published a post called “A Closer Look: Baby’s First Shoes” which brought up that a baby’s first shoes should be flexible and a natural material, if they are learning how to walk. This is so that they can still learn how to balance on their own, without the hindrance of a harder sole.

So, when I had the chance to get a pair of moccasins from Golden Dot Moccs, I jumped on the chance. I have been following them on Instagram for a while, and they have a beautiful website as well. We received a pair of the “Sprinkles” Moccs, which normally sell for $32. If you have seen some of the competitors (such as Freshly Picked), this is a great price!


When we received the moccs, they were adorably packaged, just like they were a present for our Miss Audrey. We put them on her right away, and she was immediately drawn to the buttons (securely) sewn on the tops. Side note: she calls anything pretty “va va va,” so these moccasins were perfect for my little girly girl.



Although they were a little big for her feet, I was very impressed with the quality of these shoes. They seem very secure and will last for a while with constant wear. We are so excited about Audrey’s new fashion accessory!


I want to make a note about the size. We asked for this particular size, knowing they would be a little big. We wanted something that we would be able to wear for a while, especially going into the winter. We knew that we were on the earlier side of walking, and we wanted something to last us a while (after getting burned with the babies growing out of clothes before they could really wear them). So, the fit issue has nothing to do with how they are made.


Enjoy this little video of Audrey discovering her moccs for the first time. She is really strong, and those buttons and fringe aren’t going anywhere!





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