9 Months Old!



I can hardly believe that we have 9 month old babies! It’s been such a blessing to be their mommy and to see the changes that they have gone through in just this one month!


Things We Love About Audrey

  • the way we can predict that another tooth is about to pop through because of her pursing her lips and spitting
  • the way that she looks at David when they try a new food to see if they should eat it or spit it out (“Brother, do we likes this? Ok, we like this./Oh yeah, it’s awful.”)
  • how she still gets so excited, pumps her arms, and has the biggest smile on her face
  • her fits of giggles when she sees her brother
  • the way she races (crawling) around the playroom, stopping to sit every now and then to see if David is chasing her.
  • how she will whine in her crib until her brother wakes up (and then they talk until we come to get them)
  • how she will pull herself into a standing position onto just about anything
  • her “yelling” at books when they don’t magically open up
  • her sudden kisses- they don’t happen all the time, but when they do, she grabs your face (or David’s head) and gives you the biggest kiss in the world… Heaven!
  • how she is now in 12 month PJs because of her long body
  • the extreme challenge in changing a diaper or clothes
  • Audrey’s love of her new mini Cabbage Patch Kid Desi


Things We Love About David

  • after 4 months of teething like a champ, he now has two teeth (7/27 and 7/30)!
  • the way that David army crawls soooo fast
  • how he chases after his sister around the playroom
  • the way he now opens books and flips through the pages
  • how he still loves to be on his back more than anything
  • the graceful way that he goes from a sitting position to crawling
  • his sideways GQ pose- like he wants to sit himself up, but he’s ok just posing
  • how he will whine in his crib until his sister wakes up (and then they talk until we come to get them)
  • his kissing sound show that he wants more food or more kisses (depending on the situation)
  • how he will stick out his tongue and blow raspberries when he is finished eating or drinking his bedtime bottle
  • how he is now in 12 month PJs because of his long body
  • the extreme challenge in changing a diaper or clothes (we thought we had escaped it with him, but it started very recently)
  • how, if you give him 4 pieces of food he will try to put them all in his mouth… and succeed
  • how he talks with his mouth full
  • his gigantic grin that he gives his daddy when he gets home from work
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  1. Yay!!! Precious babies they are!! For 9 months, we have fallen more and more in love with these 2 and the parents that produced them, and the parents that produced Tim, and his sister, brother, his brother’s wife, his Grandpop, Aunt Mare, Uncle Doyle, Cousins Rachel and her Joe, friends, and all that made these 2 such incredible parents.

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