An 8 Month Doctor Visit

8 Months Old

Although we weren’t scheduled to have another doctor appointment until 9 months (the last one was at 6.5 months), we like to come in every month (if possible) to get a weight check.

At most of the appointments, David has been measuring at the 3-5%ile, and Audrey has been anywhere from 10-25%ile for weight. Right away, these numbers may seem alarming to some, but as long as they have stayed on the same part of the curve, it has been nothing to worry about.

On Thursday, we took the babies to the pediatrician for our monthly weigh-in. Last month, Audrey weighed 15 lb, and David was 14.5 lb. David had furthermore surpassed Audrey in height and head size! We were so proud of our little man for catching up to his “big” sister (for the 6 months before that, they had been at least a pound apart).

At this 8 month appointment, David weighed in at 16 lb 9.5 oz (10%ile!), and Audrey was 17 lb (~30%ile)! In addition, David was 27″ long, and Audrey was 26.25″. What amazing growth!

PLUS we had a good talk with our pediatrician about solid food. I was so confused about what we could and could not feed them, and he broke it down into terms that were so easy to understand:

  • no honey
  • no cow’s milk to replace breast milk or formula
  • everything else is fair game, as long as it is in easy-to-swallow sizes

So now we can start feeding them whatever we are eating, as long as they can chew gum it and swallow easily. How exciting!

I also had a big question about the amount of food they were eating vs their milk consumption. Whereas at our last discussion about solid food at 4 months,  solids were just “for fun,” he let us know that it’s ok if a lot of their nutrition now comes from these solids instead of milk. Wow! What a change that is!

So now we start with 3 solid meals a day while still keeping our 4 nursing/milk sessions (plus one in the middle of the night). We can keep feeding them as long as they are hungry (dangerous!).

How cool is this? Our babies are now little people!

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  1. I highly recommend reading ‘Baby Led Weaning’ it is a great book about introducing solids 🙂 they are so cute!!

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